Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM CDT
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Old Red Museum - 4th Floor 
100 South Houston St
Dallas, TX 75202

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Larry Nelson 

SCORE at Spring Training

April 26th, 2017
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Old Red Museum
4th Floor

Limited to 250 registrants

Our free full day boot-camp-style training, will rally more than 250 small business owners, via a series of hardball sessions presented by World Class speakers and Regionally Renowned business professionals. Sessions will offer hands-on growth strategies that participants can immediately apply to develop a winning game plan.  In addition, small business owners will have the opportunity to participate in industry specific group mentoring and join a results-driven networking reception to strengthen their business team.

Our Spring Training Team will get you ready to play ball in the game of business and win!  Choose up to 4 topics from our line-up of hard-hitting business sessions below and then register for a full day of learning:

Financial Segments:

A1: Winning at the numbers game:  Start up financing strategies that work!

In this hardball panel discussion, participants will learn financial strategies that will get and keep them in the game of business. Participants will learn how to construct a well-balanced variety of funding streams that will ensure they beat the odds and win at the numbers game. 

A2: Rank your finances: Are your stats in the Strike Zone?

Scaling your business for success takes preparation and financial discipline. In this session, participants will assess their financial statistics. Understand the Strike Zone for financial institutions, which includes their balance sheet, income statement and cash flow.  Learn how to get and stay in the right financial Strike Zone, create/maintain a competitive industry advantage and ensure you have access to the finances necessary to position your business for a winning game.


Did you recently score a winning business season? Now you need to negotiate your next move.  Join this panel of Business All Stars, who have secured their place in the game of business as they share their winning game strategies for financial pitches, fielding the competition and making the necessary sacrifices to secure a winning game.

Marketing Segment:

B1: Marketing – Getting to 1st Base 

Marketing is fundamental to every business, yet many businesses are confused about the meaning of marketing. This session will discuss the very basic questions to be addressed and how to logically develop beneficial and workable answers.

 B2: How your business can be be found on the web

Learn how the web works, and a few simple steps to list yourself, free, to be found, whether you have a web site or not.  This will include Google+, Google and other maps, and local search free listings available to everyone.

 B3:  Join us in the Press Box: Learn how to get free press for your company and products

You don't have to spend big bucks to become known. Come to this session and learn the many venues for advertising and marketing your products for free. Leave with a wealth of knowledge about what PR really is and know how to use it wisely.

 Operations Segments

C1: Know how to Play the ball in the clouds: What can the cloud do for you or against you?

We will first explain what is the "Cloud" and who the key players are. This session will also supply you with the pros and cons of using the cloud to run your business. You will find out how vulnerable your company data is and what you need to do within your own office to insure you never lose any data.

C2: Don’t be caught Stealing: Insurance requirements for all small businesses

Come see what insurances are required for every business and how's the best way to decide on which insurances to get. If protecting your assets are important, we'll show you multiple ways to protect both tangible and intangible assets.

C3: Learn the signs before the game: Protecting your intellectual property

Defining what intellectual property "is" will be the first part of this session. Once you determine what your intellectual property is, we'll talk about laws that protect them and what you have to do to stay in good graces with the law.

Track 4, Misc:

 D1: Load your bases: Local, Federal, & Corporate contracts:

The batting line up is designed to load the bases and create the most productive strategy to score, but you have to be in the game.  Learn what it takes to load your business bases, get certified, secure local, federal and corporate contracts at various levels to develop a winning game plan for your business.

D2: Bottom of the 9thand 2 Out: Developing your exit strategy

It's important that every business owner has an exit strategy. Regardless of the strategy you chose you need to make sure your business is prepared for your departure. Do the books present the right image? Am I doing the right things for inheritance? Is my spouse covered if my true exit is final!

D3: Nonprofits get in the game: find the right grants to achieve your mission 

Learn how to apply for local federal, corporate, and private foundations grants. Also learn how a nonprofit organization can explore opportunities as a social enterprise. And explore how to establish collaborative partnerships with for profit businesses to support your project and stay true to your mission!