Come Home to Yourself

While you Rest, Travel, Transition and Walk

Ease into Spring


  • Everyday Ease in Sleeping (TM) - April 22
  • Everyday Ease in Travel & Transitions (TM) May 20
  • Everyday Ease in Walking(TM) - June 17 

 1:30-4:30 at InsideOut Yoga

5623 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115



Hands-on Session
If you have never had a hands on Feldenkrais  privates session with me and are curious about how I could help you to embody more comfort, power,  balance, ease in your activities or reduce strain, pain and stress. please call and schedule an hour session for 50% off.

LeeAnn is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm with over 15 years experience in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education and over 13 years of professional practice. In addition to seeing clients privately, teaching focused classes and workshops, she loves teaching at Cornish College, mentoring new teachers and has been on the faculty of the Lifetime Learning Center for over 15 years. She is grateful for the opportunity to support her students in taking their Next Steps towards moving with ease in the direction of their dreams.
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Spring forward, spring cleaning, spring breaks and spring holidays!?!

If you are not feeling that springy yet, maybe you're like me and are searching for a more gentle way to begin the season. Before Caesar and the Julian calendar, the new year began on the Spring Equinox when the new buds of life sprang forth. I feel more like beginning anew now as we get more sunshine(finally!) and green vs. January's rainy grey. Not naturally an early bird, I like lounging into a new day or season whenever I can.

To that end I have three Everyday Ease(TM) workshops to support you ...While You Rest, Travel and Walk through this Spring

Are you sleepless in Seattle? Does stress or anxiety interrupt your day?

April 22nd - Everyday Ease in Sleeping(TM) - Learn how you can better nap and return to sleep after waking. LeeAnn will use Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons and Sounder Sleep mini-moves™ that help you calm down midday and easily induce sleep at night.

Are you finding travel or transitions more awkward or uncomfortable?

May 20thEveryday Ease in Travel & Transistions(TM) - Learn how to get up from sitting with grace and land in a chair without falling or plopping down. Expand your travel tools with mini-moves you can do in your seat even with the seatbelt fastened so you can arrive more ready to play on your holiday.

Do you long for more balance and ease on walks or hikes?

June 18th  - Everyday Ease in Walking(TM) From Crawling- Learn to enhance walking stability and freedom on two legs the way you first learned. Discover for yourself how child’s play on the floor organizes the whole self for upright walking.

Saturday afternoons at InsideOut Yoga 1:30-4:30pm 

5623 University Way NE (near Cowen Park)  

Register for all 3 for $120, save $60

$45 each when prepaid 2 weeks in advance, $60 thereafter if space available

Ongoing Awareness Through Movement Weekly Classes

Wed 10:30-11:30am - InsideOut Yoga, 5623 University Way NE

Sat Office-ATM Classes - 9:30 & 10:45 - Max 4 students, call/text ahead

Lake City Professional Center 2611 NE 125th St, #123

Private Hands-on sessions with LeeAnn Starovasnik, GCFP, NLP, RScP

Call to learn more about the Feldenkrais Method  of Somatic Education and how private session, classes and workshops can support you in taking your Next Steps towards living with more awareness. Together we can best determine how what I do can help you meet your goals and plan accordingly.


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 LeeAnn Starovasnik, GCFP

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