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Midwest Fall Technology Conference
Sponsorship Opportunities

Due to the limited amount of Sponsorship Packages, please use the Promo Codes listed below to register for your desired package on the registration page.

*Please note: All Sponsorship Packages are sold on a first come, first served basis.  Once all packages have been sold out, the Promo Codes will no longer be valid.

 Conference Sponsorship Package Options:
To review the conferen
ce sponsorship e-brochure and floor plan, click here.

  • Elite Sponsor - $10,000  (SOLD OUT)                                                               
  • Gold  Sponsor - $7,000                          Still Available: 3                                         Promo Code: GOLD                                                 
  • Silver Sponsor - $5,000 (SOLD OUT)                                                                   
  • Premier Sponsor - $3,750 (SOLD OUT)                                                       
  • Main Keynote Sponsor - $4,000 (SOLD OUT)                                        
  • Keynote Sponsor - $2,500                     Still Available: 2                                  Promo Code: KEYNOTE
      Monday afternoon – Dr. Savafi
      Tuesday afternoon – Dr. Brownstein
  • Social Events Sponsor - $2,500            Still Available 1                               
      Promo Code: SOCIAL
    Sunday evening – ZdoggMD
  • Wi-Fi Sponsorship - $999                      Still Available: 1                                     Promo Code: WIFI
  • Meals Sponsor - $3,500                         Still Available: 5                                   Promo Code: MEALS
      Monday breakfast
      Monday lunch
      Monday dinner
      Tuesday breakfast
      Tuesday lunch                                 
  • Tote Bags - $2,500 (SOLD OUT)                
  • Badge Holder Sponsor - $2,500 (SOLD OUT)                                               
  • Tote Bag Flyer - $500                              Still Available: No Limit                         Promo Code: FLYER   
  • Private Meeting Space - $1,000              Still Available: 3                                   Promo Code: MEETING                         

To view complete sponsorship details in our sponsorship e-brochure, please click here

Click here to reserve your sponsorship! To request a conversation about your Sponsorship Package options, please contact:       mftc@apexmanage.com