Saturday, 11/4
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Booker T. Washington Child Development Center/BTW 
1519 E. Adams Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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Gift Children Books, Inc. 


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Historic Book Fundraiser

in partnership with

Booker T. Washington Child Development Center  

featuring books by and about
 unlikely available on shelves in local bookstores. 

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On 11/4, Select Great Books from 1500+ Titles!


Q & A's:

Q:  Why is this event historic and important?  
A:  For the first in Arizona history, at one location, the public will have access to over 1500 books from a private collection.  Some books are collectibles and out-of-print. Your registration would assist Gift Children Books, Inc. with purchasing new books for children who need them most.  The fundraiser also fills a dire need for more diverse literature in Arizona. 
Q:. Are there any children books? 
A:  All books were written for adults.  
Q:  Are the books in good and very good condition?
A:  Yes!

Q:  What's the entire process?
In Arizona
Register online, Select a Donation Bundle(s)
On 11/4, bring hard copies or mobile receipts to Booker T. Washington Child Development Center and select the quantity of books to match your Donation Bundle(s). Proceed to Check-out Station!
In Other States: 
Register on-line
Expect an emailed invoice for shipping/handling/tracking to reflect .85 for each book in your pre-selected Donation Bundle(s).  
Ships by 11/8, UPS Ground, within the U.S!
Q:  Will supporters in other states receive left-overs books and what if they are unsatisfied? 
A:  In fairness, on 11/4, during the start of the event, volunteers will set aside books to ship to our out-of-town supporters.  We're unable to select specific titles and make guarantees.  Still, feel free to send a note if you prefer fiction, non-fiction, or a mixture.  We will do our very best to satisfy you.  If you're unsatisfied with pre-selections, please pass the books forward.
Q:  When will registration close?  My friends are avid readers, belong to book clubs, and some are book collectors, may I invite them? 
A:  Registration will close when all books are accounted for or on 11/4.  Yes, please share this event on social media and invite others to register.

Q:  At the event, will there be other items available for donations?
A:  Yes, rare books and historic/rare interviews on cassette tapes with Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Drs. Yosef Ben-Jochanna, Rosalind Jeffries, John Henry Clark, Francis Cress Welsing, Maulana Karenga, Wade Nobles, Camille Yarborough, Edward Scobie, Leonard Jeffries, Richard King, and others. Cassette tapes may be converted to dvds and transferred to PCs. We make no guarantees as to the cassette tape quality.
Q:  After registering to support this event, when will children who need free books, receive them?  
 A:  On November 11th, (the following Saturday), at the 3rd annual Free Children's Book Fair/Phoenix, 11 am - 4 pm; Booker T. Washington Child Development Center, 1519 E. Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034.