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Brooke Preston 
Lexington First Assembly 

Welcome to

Camp Whachudo!!

Camp Whachudo is a fun place to grow in whatever it is you DO and learn to use it for God! Sports, theatre, art, adventure - all of it is made by God - so come and have fun with us doing what makes you, YOU! Join us for one or more of these camps:


Act Up Camp 

Have a passion for the stage? This is the week for you! For classes 1 & 2 choose to follow either an acting, vocal, or dance track; the 3rd class is an open choice.

Acting Track - Actor's Tool Box & Book to Stage

In Actor's Tool Box, learn the skills that every actor needs to be a better actor. In Book to Stage, learn how to bring your favorite story to life on the stage.

Vocal Track - Sing Better & Harmonizing

In Sing Better, sharpen the skills to improve your singing skills and techniques. In Harmonizing, have fun mastering singing with someone else.

Dance Track - Sign Language & Improvizational Movement

In Sign Language, discover how to use the drama of sign with a song. In Improvizational Movement, have fun using improv not just with acting, but with dance!

Open Classes  

    • Improv (Acting - 1st-3rd): Better think quick to keep up in this class! Improve your spontaneous acting skills.
    • Create a Character (Acting - 4th-6th): Acting is more than just saying lines, you gotta bring the character to life! 
    • Singing Pop! Working a Mic (Vocal - 1st-3rd): The mic is a singer's tool, and every singer needs to know how to work it to its full potential!
    • Singing Pop! Belting & Riffing (Vocal - 4th-6th): Want to learn the cool tricks pop singers use? Well, then get ready to sing like a star!
    • Worship Dance (Dance - 1st-3rd): Bring the beauty of ballet into worship.
    • Hip Hop (Dance - 4th-6th): Learn to pop, lock,  and groove like the pros!


Art & Such Camp 

Drawing, painting, sculpting, crocheting, baking - if it brings beauty to the world, then it is an form of art! And if you like to bring beauty to the world, then there's a class for you.

Class Options: (Pick two of the options below)

  • Sculpture - Sculpting creates an object in 3D usually with clay, but I think we can have fun and also think outside the box!
  • 2D: Beyond Sketching - When you say 2D art, most people think of sketching with a pencil. But there are so many other ways to create 2D art!
  • Character & Story - Learn from a published author how to draw your own character and create the story that goes with it.
  • Sew Fun - Discover the fun of sewing and learn the basics, so you can make your own designs come to life!
  • Nature Crafting - Use things from nature to make beautiful projects.

Adventure Camp 

This is the camp for those outdoorsy people! Learn about camping, woodworking, navigating with a compass, and so much more!


The 24 Hour Theatre

Think you know what it takes to put together a play? Then put your skills to the test! Participating students will be divided into groups and write, direct, act, and tech their own one act...in a week.This is the camp for those outdoorsy people! Learn about camping, woodworking, navigating with a compass, and so much more!

If you are interested in serving as a camp counselor for one of the camps and are good with kids, then apply here!