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Vernon Memorial Healthcare 

2017 Viola Horse & Colt Show Parade 

Join the Fun!

Sign up to represent VMH in one or all of the parades in our communities! A reminder email will be sent to you before each parade, as well as significant line-up information. Don't forget to check your tshirt size for your 2017 Parade tshirt! Additional tshirts may be purchased for $15.

New VMH Employee "Volunteer Bank" Incentive
As staff participate in the events identified below, their hours will accumulate and be banked in the "VMH Employee Volunteer Bank".  Employees that have hours in the VMH Employee Volunteer Bank from participating in events throughout the calendar year will receive a flat rate of $20 per hour of participation (outlined below).  These hours will be paid out (less tax) to each employee in the first part of December.  

*The 5 staff with the most VMH Employee Volunteer Bank hours will have the option to take the money (less tax) or have the amount added to their PLT bank.

How will this be completed?
Staff will receive 3 hours for participation in each of the following parades:
•  Syttende Mai Parade
•  June Dairy Days Parade
•  La Farge 4th of July Parade
•  Viola Horse & Colt Show Parade
•  Applefest Parade
•  Cashton Fall Fest Parade
•  Twinklefest Parade 

Staff will receive $20 per hour for participation in the following events:
•  Syttende Mai 5k/Half Marathon Volunteer 
•  VMH Foundation Golf Outing
•  VMH Foundation Hospice Gala
•  Crawford County Fair 
(scheduled in 2 hour shifts - will also receive fair pass)
•  Vernon County Fair (scheduled in 2 hour shifts - will also receive fair pass)

A cap on number of paid participants of 25 per parade will be put in place, so first come, first serve upon sign up of participants.  A waiting list will be created for those that would still like to participate in the events even with the paid participant cap fulfilled.  In the event that one of the 25 participants does not attend the event the day of, the next individual on the waiting list that participates will awarded the $20/hr.  

The Community Relations Team will be responsible for maintaining the volunteer bank hours and submitting names and hours after the Twinklefest Parade in November.

Participant Expectations 
•  All participants will be expected to be at the event 15 minutes prior to the start of the event (unless otherwise noted).
•  All ACT team members will be expected to participate in at least one parade each season (their choice). 
•  All participants must sign in with a Community Relations Team member in order to be eligible for their hours.
•  Participants must walk the entire parade route and stay for the entirety of their shift in order to be eligble for their hours.
•   Staff are expected to work their scheduled VMH shifts unless pre-approved by their manager.