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Gloria Miele, Ph.D. 
Gloria Miele, Ph.D. 

Leading in the Digital Age

Online Training Program 

As we become more reliant on our digital devices, our opportunities to practice face to face communication that builds emotional intelligence have become more limited. No matter if you’re a CEO, manager or customer service representative, the better you understand and manage your own emotions, the better you will be at interacting with others, the better relationships you’ll develop and the better leader you can become.
When you match leaders on IQ, skills and experience, those with high EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) are more productive and create organziations with higher profitability, sales, morale, cooperation and employee retention: great outcomes for any leader.


How would you like to build your emotional intelligence in a convenient, engaging learning intensive that includes a series of brief, helpful webinars with ideas, activities and strategies to help you build your EI muscles? In this innovative training course, you will:

  • Increase your self-awareness and ability to reflect on your strengths and talents.
  • Practice the art of perspective-taking and empathic communication.
  • Become more comfortable with the gray areas.
  • Improve your understanding and processing of social nuances and your relationships in the workplace and beyond.
  • Develop a strategy to create more space in your life for self-care, to feel more relaxed and in control.

Leading in the Digital Age Online Training Program consists of 6 weekly, interactive webinars to help you and your team become more emotionally intelligent leaders.

Week 1. Why EI? Learn about the components of emotional intelligence and the benefits of developing yours and your teams. Take an assessment and see what aspects of EI you can leverage. 

Week 2. Improve Your Self-Awareness. It starts with you. Being more self-aware is the first, most important step in building your emotional intelligence.

Week 3: Practice Empathy through Social Awareness. Learn 3 types of empathy and which is most important. Build skills for better communication, perspective-taking and compassion that lead to greater trust in and from your team.

Week 4: Improve Self-Management Skills. Emotional control, adaptability, initiative and conscientiousness are included.  Emotionally intelligent leaders pause, reflect, then choose ways to act. We’ll talk about stress-management and self-care.

Week 5: Understand Relationship Management. Here’s where your empathy skills get put into play as you develop your abilities to influence and inspire others.  Those strong in relationship management build collaborative, effective teams, know how to deal with conflict and give constructive feedback.

Week 6: Pulling it Together. Review what you’ve learned, what you’ve accomplished and create an action plan for the next steps you want to take to continue leading with emotional intelligence.

Course starts May 17, 2017. All sessions will be held live, via webinar, at 9amPT/12pmET.

$197 per leader; $497 for each group of 3.

Sessions will be recorded. Course includes all recordings, activities to practice between sessions and a private Facebook group to ask questions, get encouragement and broaden your network of emotionally-intelligent leaders. 

For a preview of the course, please see FREE Webinar - Leading in the Digital Age.  Webinar starts two minutes and forty seconds into the webinar.  

Your Facilitator:

With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Gloria has been helping people identify and manage their emotions for her entire career. Her vision is to help create communities of empathic, compassionate leaders who are happy, productive and successful.

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