Friday, December 15, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST
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TidalShift Inc. 

Key PM Skills: Managing Change and the Unknown (Webinar)

In the early days of navigation, areas on charts that had not yet been explored were labeled with "there be dragons" – this was intended to warn explorers of dangers of the unknown. The same is with projects, as we launch into the uncharted waters of innovative projects, we must be wary of dragons and other monsters that may lurk around the corner.

The question is how do we manage the unknown? Projects that comprise more questions than answers are a different beast and need a different approach to effectively tackle them. Leveraging the concept of progressive elaboration, we will look at how we can manage projects that are a moving target of change with many unknowns lurking around the corner. In effect, we will learn how to train your dragon.

Webinar Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Identify strategies to manage highly innovative projects.
  • Adjust project management approach to suit the type of project being managed.
  • Apply progressive elaboration within a project management framework.


  • Project managers, change managers, and project coordinators.
  • Project team members who are dealing with projects that contain unknowns.

This webinar qualifies for one category 'A' PDU and is available free of charge, compliments of TidalShift.