CiTY Membership book & "10 for 10" card 

In September 2017, over 500 CiTY families will receive the CiTY Membership Book as a guide to preferred CiTY stores, restaurants, service providers, and vendors throughout Howard County. The CiTY Membership Book is an annual publication that will be referenced throughout the year by CiTY families.

We also offer the option of placing an ad in our Membership Book which will be distributed to CiTY's over 500 members.  

Ads can be purchased for the following rates: (Membership book will be 7"x10" with color printing)

  • page $250
  • page $375
  • Full page $750
  • Two-page spread $1000 
In addition to the CiTY Membership Book, CiTY Cards will be distributed to each family. Each CiTY Card will carry the names of our “10 for 10” vendors and provides a very high level of exposure. 10 for 10 vendors will commit to a 10% discount to customers that present the CiTY Card, as well as a 10% donation back to Ellicott City Soccer Club (to be collected quarterly). To participate in the "10 for 10" co-marketing card, the additional investment is $100 for each business. 

Deadline to submit all ad content is 7/15/2017. For further details, contact Amanda Buckler at