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Longview Evangelical Presbyterian Church 
Longview EPC 

Church Officer Nominations 

Please submit your suggestions to any of the Nominating Committee Members, or to the Church Office by June 5, 2017: Gena Bunn, Chair; Matt Yost, Chair-Elect; Carla Szafran; Genie Bartlett, and Ellen Adams.  

Who can be nominated?  The must be a member in good standing of EPC, a Christian for at least 3 years, and a faithful participant in Church.

Please prayerfully consider your nominations and continue in prayer for the work of this committee.

Documents to Help you with this process are easily clickable on the LEADERSHIP page of our website www.longviewepc.org and we have also included this information here:

Click here for the printable nomination form - also due by June 5

Brief Description of Elders and Deacons

Questions to Assess the Spiritual Qualifications of Church Members

Description of Roles of Elders, and Deacons

Our New Church Officer Nominating Committee: Gena Bunn, chair, and Matt Yost, chair-elect, Ellen Adams, Carla Szarfran, and Genie Bartlett

Our Leadership:

The Session:Class of 2017: Eric Skoog, Hilda Vale, Derick Van Zyl, Class of 2018: Gena Bunn, Ginia Northcutt, Kathie Ramey, Class of 2019: Daniel Bond, Michael McMahon, Matt Yost

The Board of Deacons: Class of 2017: Glenda Bays (Congregational Care), Mary Goll (Prayer), Jon Kral (Youth), Tammy Moyes (Connections); Class of 2018: Cindy Best (Children), Henry Salmon (Finance) Kathy Watson (Welcome), Paul Watson (Building and Grounds);Class of 2019: Glenn Magness (Mission), Jill Smead (Music), Paul Szafran (Life Groups)

Fellowship Deacon to be determined later in the year. Rick Poland is kindly continuing to volunteer during the interim