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Sunday, May 28, 2017 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM PDT

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Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Los Angeles 
1845 South Bundy Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Beginning in March 2017, we have had the opportunity to continue our study of Gurumayi’s Message for 2017 by participating in a new series of Meditation Sessions on the Siddha Yoga path website.

In Session III, entitled The Luminous Doorway,” participants will learn breathing exercises to support their practice of meditation.

We will participate in this event from the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Los Angeles at 10:30 AM on Sunday, May 28.

Bring any materials that will support you in establishing a comfortable meditation posture, including your asana, a folded blanket and/or a couple of small flat cushions. Please, remember to bring your journal and a pen.

Please be seated in the hall by 10:20 AM. 

Register Now! You can also participate online via the Siddha Yoga path website.

When you register online through the Siddha Yoga path India website for a single meditation session or the entire series, you may also participate in that specific session or all of them, respectively, at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Los Angeles. If you would like to do so, please provide proof of payment of your online registration.