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Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 1:00 PM CDT
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Erica Cerwin 
Pink Buckaroo Designs 

2017-2018 Annual Catalog Product Shares

What is a Product Share? It's a great way to get a little bit of all the new ribbon or paper. I cut the bolts of ribbon in 1 yard lengths and you get 1 yard of each color. For the paper, I divide the packs by four people, so each person gets a half sheet of each pattern. It's a great way to figure out which ones you like the most and want to invest in. 

I can't show you all the  pictures yet, because I don't have the product yet! Pleas refer to the catalog (if you have it) to see what is included. All the new ribbons on page 198-199 (minus the Copper Trim beause it will be on Back Order all summer) and all the new DSP on pages 197-189 are included 

 Ribbon Share

 $50plus shipping*

This share includes 49 new ribbons! (All but the Copper Trim which will be on Back Order until the end of July, so I decided to leave it off.)  You will receive 1 yard of each, totaling in 49 yards.  You can also purchase two shares and your ribbon wil be cut in 2 yard lengths. The turn around time for the ribbon share will be a little bit longer than normal because it will take me a while to get them all cut! Shipping on ribbon shares is $7 (priority flat rate envelope) or free if you also purchase the paper share. 



Designer Series Paper Share

$54 plus shipping

This share will give you a sheet of every new pattern in the DSP packs and stacks. Each pack of paper will be divided by 4 people. You will get 6” X 12” pieces from all the 12” packs except for the the specialty pieces which will be 3 X 12” because there is only one in each pack. The 6” paper packs will come as 6” X 6” pieces. 

This share includes all FIFTEEN new packs of DSP in the Annual Catalog.

Shipping is $13 (Priority Flat Rate Medium Box.)

Ribbon shares can ship with the paper at no additional charge. 

Shipping Cost 

Paper Shares will need to be shipped in Flat Rate Boxes to protect them and assure they arrive safely. That cost is $13.45. Add in the ribbon shares to this box for no additional shipping charge! 

1 Ribbon Share- $7 shipping

2 Ribbon Share- $13.60 shipping

Paper Share- $13.60 (ribbon can ship for free along with the paper.)

To reserve your share, sign up here. Once your group is full, I will send you an invoice. You have 24 hours to pay your invoice or you will lose your spot. I will order your group as soon as all invoices are paid (earliest I can order new product is June1st)

Please Remember:

It takes several weeks to get your share. I don't order the product until a group is full (paper is 4 people and ribbon is 10.) Then, it takes a week to arrive to me from SU. It will take me up to two weeks for me to cut, sort, pack and ship. Please be patient. I will do them as quickly as I can! I will also email you with updated timelines. :-)