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Short Court Tennis @ SUMC or GUMC 
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Short Court Tennis - Summer 2017

Snellville UMC (Mondays & Saturdays) Indoors

2428 East Main St, Bldg C, Snellville GA

Session Dates:

Mondays - SUMC - 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm (June 12th - July 31st)

Saturdays - SUMC - 1pm - 3 pm (May 27th - July 15th)

(No lessons on July 1st or July 3rd)

Grayson UMC (Monday-Friday) Indoors

555 Grayson Pkwy, Grayson GA

Camp Dates:

Monday - Friday - GUMC - 1pm - 3 pm (June 19th-23rd)

Monday - Friday - GUMC - 1pm - 3 pm (July 10th-14th)


Mondays , 7 week session (one hour per week), $105

Saturdays, 7 week session (two hours per week), $200 - save $10

Monday-Friday, 1 week (two hours per day), $150

Questions? Please email Stephanie.

Thank you for selecting Short Court Tennis!

Short Court Tennis uses a progressive teaching system. This allows players to start on a court that is "their size" with junior size racquets and low compression balls. The scaled down courts and low compression balls allow the players to get to the ball quicker and strike the ball with confidence, in their strike zone. Coaches also have more success teaching the players because the players are able to get to the ball and are more successful at striking the ball, more often.

We have seen many players learn to love the lifetime sport of tennis!

Short Court Tennis has added 3 skill levels to our system. We have found that some children come into the program having already had some experience in tennis while other children have never set foot on a tennis court. In order for all players to get the most out of their lesson we have formulated an improved progression system.

With Red, Orange, and Green levels, each player will be evaluated based on ability, then will be placed where we believe they will be most successful.  Once the player shows the skills necessary to move to the next “level” they will be moved up. A Skills Level checklist must be accomplished at each level before progressing to the next level.  Because this idea is based on skill level and not as much age of players, your child may be with other children of different ages, but all of the players will be of the same play level.  A player of average ability should move through each level in about 12 weeks (once a week lesson and practice at home/tennis court).

Once they have accomplished the levels and feel ready to compete, SCT offers USTA and ALTA teams for league play.


RED LEVEL (generally 5 -7 years old, 36 foot court, red low compression ball) - Fundamentals, Basic Play, Consistency

ORANGE LEVEL (generally 8-10 year olds, 60 foot court, orange low compression ball) - Consistent Play, Increase Power and Placement, All Court Game

GREEN LEVEL  (11 years and up, green dot or traditional yellow ball) - Rally with purpose, Increase Power and Placement, All Court Game

DATES: Short Court Tennis is taught year-round. The season will be extended for rainouts.

LOCATIONS: Choose preference at registration. SCT will do our best to accommodate your cholces, but the location/time will depend on registrations.

TIMES: See list above. We will do our best to stick to these times, but some classes may be consolidated depending on registrations.

COST*: Mondays, one hour, 7 weeks, $105; Saturdays, two hours, 7 weeks, $200 - save $10. All registrations and payments will be made online. No checks or cash will be accepted by coaches. We want the players to get the most out of their lessons. The coach will have roll call at the beginning of every lesson. All players fees and signed waiver forms must be up to date or the player cannot participate. NO REFUNDS.