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Kari Hoien
KJ Consulting and Training, LLC

Excel 2016/2013: Comparing and Referencing Data Using VLOOKUP and MATCH Functions
Learn to easily use and understand VLOOKUP and MATCH Functions in Excel.

Do you compare and reference data often? Do you have data in one file you need to cross reference to data in another file? Do you need to master the VLOOKUP function? Have you always wondered about how to use the MATCH function? If any of those are true, this class is for you!

This is a hands-on, instructor led class conducted virtually.  

Topics which will be covered include:

This class is for users that have a basic understanding of Excel functions.Create and setup new spreadsheets

  • Learn how and when to use the VLOOKUP Function
  • Learn how and when to use the MATCH Function
  • Learn which function should be used in which cases and how to know the difference.