Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 7:30 PM EDT
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 8:30 PM EDT

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Terrence G. Quinn, Esq. 
TGQ Law - Marketing Mindset 

TGQ Presents...

The Marketing Mindset - Everything you DIDN'T learn in Law School! 

Please join us for this six week webinar entitled "The Marketing Mindset - Everything you DIDN'T learn in law school!"

With this training, our goal is to help you engage in effective and reliable marketing.  It all starts with a solid and inspirational marketing plan.  Such is the focus of this six-week webinar!

Each Tuesday, at 7:30pm (est) sharp, beginning June 20, 2017 and ending August 1,2017 (not including Tuesday, July 4, 2017), we will spend 45 mins to an hour considering marketing strategies, tools and perspectives that will help your clients discover their need for your service.  Ultimately, that's marketing at its core - but more of that later....

Here's a snapshot of the schedule:

Week 1 (6/20/17) - "Marketing Matters - Helping prospective clients choose you" - this session discusses marketing generally, establishes a working definition of marketing, and lays the foundation for your marketing plan.  Let's set the tone.

Week 2 (6/27/17) - "Market Members and ValuAble Statements" - how do you answer the questions "So, what do you do?"  Sometimes the slightest tweak can make all of the difference.  During this working session we will get to the true core of your interests and the client's needs.  The result = the basis for every marketing effort going forward!

Week 3 (7/11/17) - "Gone Fishing!"  - Where are your ideal clients located and how should you pursue them?  This week points our actions in the right direction.  We know who we want and what to say.  For this next 3 weeks, we will identify the best approaches (places, resources, etc.) to use the information established in weeks 1 and 2.  The rubber is meeting the road!

Week 4 (7/18/17) - "The Phenomenon!"  - Of course, I'm talking about social media.  The internet has given everyone equal opportunity to engage clients of all walks of life.  In 2017, social media is a necessary tool!  Learn here from a social media expert.  Your plan just got upgraded!

Week 5 (7/25/17) - "Winning with Workshops!" - We still believe that anyone can be successful if they incorporate workshops into their plan.  This week, relying upon a workshop presentation actually used with potential clients, you will discover how to posture your expertise while in front of a captive audience!  Everything counts when presenting.  Here's why....

Week 6 (8/1/17) - "Closing the Deal" - Weeks 1 through 5 above don't count if you cannot ultimately secure the client.  "It costs how much?!?!"; "Let me check with my wife."; "I'll call you back."  How should you respond to these questions and/or objections!  Here, you'll find that closing and handling client objections is as simple as your "A, B, Cs".

As you can see this training is packed with information taking you from your opinion of marketing generally, to securing checks from streams of clients.  You started your practice and or business because you were interested in building an income stream based upon serving the needs of clients.  You have studied law and developed an expertise of some level in your practice area.  Now there are waves of individuals and companies out there looking for someone to help them resolve the problems and challenges of their lives.  Someone will be chosen to take up the task.  The person with the best "Marketing Mindset" wins.  Let's make that you!  

We're in!  Let's Go!!!

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