Saturday, September 16, 2017 
11:00 AM to 6:30 PM EDT

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The Impact Center/Word Tabernacle Church 
821 Word Plaza
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Driving Directions 


Word Tabernacle Church 


  • Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
  • Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware
  • Church On The Rise
  • Englewood Baptist Church
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Greater Joy Church
  • Heritage District United Methodist Church
  • N. C. Wesleyan College
  • North Roanoke Baptist Association
  • Redeemer Church
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Sunset Avenue Baptist Church
  • Truth Tabernacle Ministries
  • Word Tabernacle Church

Courageous Conversations Conference 

The Courageous Conversations Conference (C3) is a one day event designed to teach and challenge the local church in the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel. C3 provides a Biblical framework to resolve the racial tensions that prevent addressing the spiritual and material needs of a community. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to share the gospel while not ignoring needs and how to meet needs while not compromising the gospel.

Keynote speakers (seen below) will lead sessions throughout the day. 

Dr. Russell Moore,
8th President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

Dr. John M. Perkins,
Civil Rights Leader & Founder of the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation-Jackson, MS

Noel Castellanos,
CEO of the Christian Community Development Association

We need to capture a bit of information about you for registration. Please use the link below to complete the registeration process.  We look forward to your attendance and input in a Courageous Conversation.


  • 11:00 am - Plenary Session - Noell Castellanos
  • 12:30 pm - Lunch & Learn Breakout Session I
  • 2:00 pm - Plenary Session - Dr. Russell Moore
  • 3:15 pm - Workshop Breakout Session II
  • 4:30 pm - Plenary Session - Dr. John M. Perkins
  • 5:30 pm - Moderated Closing Panel Q & A

Workshop Topics

  • Empowering People: Getting Beyond Benevolence
    Many churches are flooded with benevolence programs such as clothing closets, food pantries, and emergency financial assistance. But what if our kind hearted efforts to help are really hurting the individuals we serve? Are our initiatives merely helping people to manage in their poverty rather than escape it? Moving from the traditional benevolence type programs to a more relational and holistic approach can be a process. In this workshop we will hear about the REACH Center's social service delivery model and how they are using it as a tool to assist with empowering individuals and families in the community.

  • Engaging Youth: Getting Beyond Pizza and Movies
    Food and entertainment might get them in the room, but it won't prepare them for life on earth nor will it get them into heaven. We often buy into the misconception, that youth aren't ready for deep doctrinal truths and ecclesiastical responsibility. This workshop will provide insight into Biblical perspectives and practical tactics that will help you holistically develop the youth in your life and the church.

  • Expressing The Gospel Plainly: Getting Beyond The ABC's
    What's worse than being lost? Being lost with no one looking for you. This workshop takes participants beyond Admit - Believe - Confess, to examine new approaches and methods to the gospel conversation while never losing the meaning of the message of salvation in Christ only. Participants will leave with an renewed enthusiasm and commitment to share their faith.

  • Emerging Trends With The Incarcerated: Getting Beyond Reentry
    Session I  - "Do You See Me? Women and Incarceration: The Untold Story" In the age of mass criminalization and resistance, one of the most overlooked populations in the conversation of prison reform is women. Because women's narratives are often ignored, we routinely neglect to explore the challenges they face as a result of their conviction and the conditions which led them there. In this workshop, we will address: Understanding female criminality; Examining the impact of domestic violence through the lens of race, class, and gender; Addressing challenges of reentry for African-American women; Exploring the needs of justice-involved women; Discussing disadvantages to incarceration: trauma, behavioral, and physical health needs, single-parenthood and poverty. 
    Session II - "Set the Prisoners Free: Mobilizing Christians to End Mass Incarceration" The United States calls itself the land of liberty yet we have more people incarcerated than any other nation. Christ came to set captives free yet many Christians do not see ending mass incarceration as an urgent discipleship priority. This workshop will explore how Christians can bring change to the prison system by standing in solidarity with our incarcerated brothers and sisters and advocating for policies that set people free.

  • Exploring Multicultural Church Models: Getting Beyond Race
    Leaders and members of Church on the Rise will share the story of their journey to becoming a multi-cultural church in Eastern North Carolina. This workshop will cover issues such as leadership structure, worship and preaching styles, core values, outreach, and discovering some "Pivot Points" for churches who desire to become more multi-cultural in the make up of their church.

  • Equipping The Church: Getting Beyond Sunday Worship

  • Erasing Barriers: Getting Beyond Our Doctrinal Differences (Senior Pastors only)
    Although all of our doctrinal positions matter, not all are of equal evangelistic value. If we can agree on the exclusivity of Jesus, salvation by grace not works, and the inerrancy of scripture, Pastors can work together to reach the community and city. This workshop provides an honest, yet safe environment for Senior Pastors to discuss the issues that divide us, so that we can begin working collaboratively as one church.

  • Exploring Poverty and Unemployment: Getting Beyond Subsidies
    Per the most recent statistics by the US Department of Labor, approximately 7 million people in this country are unemployed. There are ways in which the church can help but we must first understand the connection between generational poverty and unemployment. This workshop will show how Jobs For Life is equipping churches in addressing the devastating effects of unemployment and poverty. This is accomplished by preparing men and women for meaningful work through honest relationships, mentoring, Biblically-based training, and an ongoing community of support.

  • Embracing The Community: Getting Beyond "Mission Week" Philosophy
    Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) helps us address the brokenness in communities by focusing on the assets present in a community as the solution to a community's problems rather than depending on outside resources brought in to "fix" them.  This workshop gives you a blueprint and some tools for understanding ABCD and some tools and practices to prepare you to engage effectively in the work in a sustainable way.