Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Announcing the Publishing Summit 2017

Life is about making it happen. Imagine if the above package with the words Make It Happen were all you needed to get it done in life? Is that really all you need? What are maps for? Proper navigation. What is the purpose of goals and steps, objectives and action items?
Nope, sorry,  just some words that are meant to inspire and motivate won't cut it without a plan for getting it done? Words do inspire and motivate, but they do so much more. The words (written by people,) change lives (over a course of time).

Are you ready to understand the words, that will then write down and clarify the vision, that will then be something you can ACT upon, to do this second (or third or fourth) chapter in your life? A chapter of your life that's about publishing, selling your books and getting your words (messages) into the hands of others?
You can do that at the Publishing Summit 2017.
You can ALSO simply understand the publishing components so you can leave a legacy of stories for your children, and your children's children?

Join Tracee Lydia Garner, an award-winning, best-selling author and her other esteemed author-friends, for an encouraging and instructional day of learning about publishing, self-publishing and how you too can write, finish and then PUBLISH your book.

You May Be Asking, What Will I Learn? And Here's just a a short list:
  • Industry information that no one tells you from people that have done all types of publishing and made the errors and pitfalls you can now avoid by being informed
  • The Pros and Cons of Indie vs. Traditional Publishing. Yes, you still can get a contract for a book even in today's crowded market but do you have what it takes, are you using the right tools? Do you have the right materials? Are you resource rich to make the RIGHT decision
  • Find out what's involved in Indie (or Self) Publishing and what it really costs
  • Get my new Publishing Action Guide - I'm so excited about this I hope you will like it, it's over 30 pages to help you clarify what needs to happen and make a plan to reach YOUR desired end result.
  • The Piece de Resistance? Leave the Summit with a PLAN. That's a Pleasing, Logical, Actionable Roadmap 
  • Resource Provision - I'm a big fan of resources. There is nothing more disappointing than leaving an event and thinking "Well that was well and good, what am I supposed to do now? Who do I call and where do I start?" I mean wasn't that the reason you attended the event in the first place?  The Publishing Action Guide will be overviewed so if you choose Route A to publish, the resources are there; if you choose a Route B, the resources will also be there. 
Tickets are just $ 60.00 and include light breakfast and lunch.
I hope this sounds exciting, fun but purposeful and I look forward to seeing you. 

Please click the registration button below if you're ready to secure your spot and we will look forward to seeing you September 16!