Wednesday, June 28, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Lauren L'Amour 
Life Visionary Center for Coaching 
(978) 712-0306 

Get It Done Work Sprint 

If you have a “Way too long “ list for your business and you can't wait until the next Get It Done Group starts, you can join us for the launch of our live Sprints now! We guarantee you’ll get more done in this 60 minute period than you may have all week.

Why? We have the Secret Sauce to Getting it Done and we're going to share it with you!

How it works

1) Register for the Sprint.

2) We'll send you the login/phone number and passcode with instructions on how to hop on.

3) You hop on Wednesday at 12:00 am (ET) and get your work done. Easy peasy!

How the Sprint is structured

1) We start promptly at 12:00 am (ET)

2) I'll read an inspirational quote to set the tone.

3) Sprinters will share what they are working on for accountability and to say Hi to your new friends.

4) Off we go! I'll hold the time 45 minutes which is optimal based on the latest behavior science, when the time is up, I'll let you know.

And finally

5) We'll end the call by giving you a  business productivity tip at the end of each Sprint.


Every Sprinter will be added to a private FB group where you'll receive regular inspiring prompts to help you Get It Done and where you can  continue to support each other on your path to success.

If you're in, hit the register Now button below and we'll see you on Wednesday!