Elissa Deggelman

VP of Membership

BBH Preschool Mothers Club



BBHPMC 2017-2018 Membership Application 


WELCOME to the Brecksville Broadview Heights Preschool Mothers' Club Membership Application.  If you have ANY questions, suggestions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.  We are looking forward to a year of FUN!  Thank you for taking the time to volunteer your time to this wonderful organization!


-Elissa Deggelman

VP of Membership

All members are required to:

  • Complete at least one committee duty
  • Work a  shift at one of the consignment sales- Fall (October) or Spring (April)


Board Positions are filled by the President

*All members are asked to assist the club by helping with at least one (1) committee task.

Fall Fest, Santa Party, Spring Fling- Plan and work at the party. Activities may include meetings, ordering supplies, hiring entertainment, doing crafts, promoting the event on Facebook, creating a registration, answering questions, planning the food, set up and tear down. Fall Festival (Sept-Oct), Santa Pary (Dec), Spring Fling (Feb-Apr) 

CommunicationsChair and committee are responsible for maintaining the Club’s website and online accounts, posting on the club’s social media site, marketing the club, and placing information in local print media.  Tasks can be finite but the work of the committee is year round.

Community Service- Chair and Committee organize our clubs philanthropic efforts. Responsibilities may include contacting organizations, attending meetings, and helping to execute activities, collect/deliver items. Monthly projects year round. 

Field Trips-  Plan a variety of field trips offering  fun and educational opportunities for our children and parents. Responsibilities include planning events, communicating the details to members, creating online registrations, scheduling dates with the President, and attending field trips. Commitment is year round but committee members are asked to each plan a minimum number of events per year to share the responsibility of planning.  The club has an average of four field trips per month.

Garden Club- Summer Activity. Committee works with the City of Brecksville to maintain the kids garden at the Brecksville Playground. Bi-Monthly. Commitment is Mid May-early October.

Membership- Committee assists VP of Membership and membership board members at General Meetings and with contacting new and potential new members. Will help plan and execute Membership Drive Events (parades, Playtime in the Park, community events, etc...). Time commitment is year round but membership events and activities are finite and can be divided up among the committee members.

Preschool Information Night- This committee holds an open house for both Preschools and the public to educate the members and community about what the local preschools have to offer. Responsibilities include planning and advertising the event, contacting the local preschools, getting food for the guests, set up, tear down, and working the event.

Safety Town – The Chair and this committee are responsible for taking the registrations from members,  planning the graduation party, work the day of the parties, helping with set-up, pick-up of food, serving and clean-up. Events in June/July. 

Spring Tea – Chair and committee will help create an afternoon luncheon honoring the outgoing president and the Executive Board, while celebrating the installation of the incoming officers. Duties may include, but are not limited to planning, booking location, selecting the menu, getting favors and decorations, providing entertainment and collecting donations for raffle baskets, tracking all donations and sending thank you letters and creating online registration and promoting the event.  Time Committment is January to May, and attendance at the event in May.

Sponsorship-Committee is responsible for getting local business sponsorships and member business sponsorships. Responsibilities include looking for opportunities for sponsorship, tracking sponsorships and their renewal dates, sending request and thank you letters, turning in sponsorship donations to the assistant treasurer, and making sure the sponsor sends a jpeg of their logo with a link to their website.  These items are then sent to the communications chair and the president to be added to the weekly newsletter and the website.  Committment is year round.

Sunshine-:It is the responsibility of the Chair(s) to inform the member ship of new births, severe illness or death of immediate family, etc, and coordinate appropriate assistance when necessary, including meals, cards,donations and babysitting, etc. Committment is year round.

Consignment Sales- Assist the chair and co-chairs of the two sales in raising money to help support the operating expenses of the club. Duties may include planning and working at one or both of the consignment sales, and other fundraising projects. Time commitment is year round. Sales are October and April.

Welcoming- Chair(s) and committee welcome new and prospective members into the Club by providing welcoming activities and/or events, which give new members an opportunity to meet current members. Responsibilities include recruiting current club members to guide and assist new club members. Works closely with the VP of Membership. Time commitment is year round.


************  NOTE – ALL MEMBERS WILL NEED to E-SIGN this waiver at the end of this application before your application can be processed.

I Hereby Give Permission For myself and my family to attend functions or activities sponsored by the BBHPSMC. I have read and agree to the BRECKSVILLE-BROADVIEW HEIGHTS PRESCHOOL MOTHERS  CLUB ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISKS, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY and RELEASE OF LIABILITY.WARNING:  The Brecksville-Broadview Heights Preschool Mothers Club (the “Club”) seeks to provide opportunities for Club Members and their children to enjoy one another’s company and provide recreation opportunities for families involving preschool aged children, including field trips, parties, use of the Club’s inflatables and other equipment.  While the Club intends to use reasonable care in selecting such activities, it cannot foresee all risks involved.  Each Member must evaluate for himself or herself, and the Member’s child(ren), the risks inherent in each activity before participating. EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY:  In recognition of the inherent risks of the activities which I and any minor children for which I am responsible, will engage in, I confirm that  I/we participate willingly and voluntarily and I assume full responsibility for personal injury, accidents or illness (including death), and any related expenses.  I also assume responsibility for damage to or loss of my/our personal property. AUTHORIZATION:  I hereby authorize any medical treatment deemed necessary in the event of any injury or illness while participating in the Club’s activity(ies).  I either have appropriate insurance or, in its absence, agree to pay all costs of rescue and/or medical services as may be incurred on my/our behalf.  The undersigned Member or Guest, for himself or herself, his or her legal representatives, heirs and assigns, and with respect to each minor child of the undersigned, hereby releases, waives and discharges the Club, its Board Members, members, officers, employees (if any), agents and volunteers, and their respective successors and assigns (“Indemnities”), from all liability to the undersigned, his or her legal representatives, minor children, and the heirs and assigns of each, from any and all losses or damage and any claims or damages resulting therefrom on account of injury to such individuals’ person or property whether caused by the negligence of the Club or due to other factors while the undersigned is engaged in activities relating to the Club.  The undersigned covenants not to sue the Indemnities, and agree to indemnify and hold the Indemnities harmless from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of my/our actions. I give permission for my child(ren)’s picture to be used on the club website, in the club scrapbook, pamphlets, and newsletter and club group photo sharing site.

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