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August, September, October 2017
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Three personal sessions by phone, unlimited email support for one month, either August, September, or October 2017.

Was $340 ... Now $97 for a limited time.

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March Forth Family, LLC 

March Forth Family, LLC is dedicated to partnering with parents in equipping them with valuable tools to nourish and assist children with particular challenges.

"Probably the best part of meeting with Tom and Julie is the fact that they have walked some very tough roads with their own children and therefore have a depth of insight into how difficult it can be when you want the best for your children.”  
-Gretchen Roe

Was $340 ... Now $97 for a limited time.

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Cartoon Kids - Rizzuti - 

BRAIN GAMES: Parent Solutions
classes for parents to learn

Simple Activities for Lasting Changes

 With Special Needs Specialists,

Tom and Julie Meekins

of March Forth Family, LLC

Mom and Dad,

Are you looking for solutions to help your child be the BEST they can possibly be?

Your child is struggling.

Would you like: 

  • a well adjusted child?
  • a confident child?
  • a happy child?
  • your child to be able to "roll" with new routines?

Would you like to help your child to:

  • have an easier time making friends?
  • calm the chaos of sensory overload, and/or rigidity and inflexibility?
  • have better control over his emotions?
  • be more cooperative?

Is school challenging?

Wouldn't it be great if your child could: 

  • follow directions easier?
  • be more mature socially?
  • get organized?
  • have a longer attention span?

How wonderful would it be if your child:

  • was able to handle noises better?
  • wore fabrics of different variety instead of just "soft" clothes?
  • became more adventurous in eating?
  • had more self-control?

So much is possible when you know what to do.

We can help you help your child!

If you are looking for
a step-by-step Action Plan
we can help!

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BRAIN GAMES: Parent Solutions
classes for parents to learn
Simple Activities for Lasting Changes

Was $340 ... Now $97 for a limited time

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“Brain Games has been a positive experience. We like the combination of biblical and brain development. We appreciate you helping us to understand our son and confirmed how he sees the world instead of telling us he will grow out of it. We like that you gave us things to do. We have really enjoyed working with you. Hopefully, we will work together in the future.” BW

This is what we'll do:

Targeted email communication leading to 3 Classes over a one month period -- 
1 hour each -- 
by phone  --  prepared reports with suggested Action Steps -
unlimited email access for questions and guidance.

The information you get in these classes will serve you and your child for a lifetime!

The most amazing thing is that these classes and action steps are individual to YOUR CHILD and YOUR FAMILY!

Question: How can these classes make a difference for my child?

Answer: Because you will not just be putting bandages on any symptoms you see, you will not just be teaching your child how to compensate -- you will be learning things about essential child development steps that most parents know nothing about. You will be getting to the root causal level -- you will be learning how to make the foundation strong for the rest of your child's development.

These classes may be JUST the key to unlock your child's potential.

Q: Why did you sign up for Brain Games?
A: Because I need to have as many parenting tools in my arsenal to help my daughter as I can.  CJ

HOW does it work?

1. You will fill out a questionnaire so that we can get to know your greatest concerns for your child.
2. Over the course of the month (you pick either August, September, or October), we will send you information and instructions "modules" on how to assess your child in a particular developmental step relevant to your individual situation.
3. After each of these "modules" we will then meet with you by telephone to
a. discuss what you found in your assessment of your child,
b. answer any questions you may have regarding what you found and what we discuss,
c. get the information we need to give specific suggestions of Action Steps for your child.
4. We will then send you "Suggestions of Action Steps" emails after each of the three phone sessions.

You will also get SURPRISE BONUS GIFTS!

Q: Why did you sign up for Brain Games?
A: We noticed some behavior and issues. We were concerned with his inability to obey authority. We were also concerned about his lack of self-control and complete meltdowns over seemingly small issues. We wanted to understand the root cause and develop an action plan. NC

We like the exercises you gave us to do because they get to the root of the problem. You didn’t get into labeling. We can do this all at home. We gave you a behavior. You gave us what we could do about it to get to the root of the problem. You gave us the understanding. NC

Are you thinking that there is NO way you can afford all that?
Well, we are happy to report that these classes with:

  • all the individualized information "module" emails, 
  • personal phone calls, 
  • action step emails, and
  • BONUS GIFTS over the course of a whole month
is a very reasonable $675.

We know others are charging much more for less information, support, and individualized focus, but we work hard to make things as affordable as possible.

Register now for:

Brain Games: Parent Solutions
classes for parents to learn 
Simple Activities for Lasting Changes

Q: Why did you sign up for Brain Games?
A: Because I see my son struggling socially and not being aware of it. My son is defensive and disorganized and his grades are well below aptitude. KS

Teaching the parent to do a pre-assessment and the what to do about it pieces have been very helpful. I tend to get lost and confused and you helped me to interpret the information we were uncovering. KS

I absolutely would recommend Brain Games to other people. KS

Was $340 ... Now $97 for a limited time

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  • Three individualized modules of child development content.
  • Three personalized phone classes.
  • Three "Suggestion of Action Steps" emails, and

Most importantly, you get:

  • Tried and true, practical, "what to do about it" pieces that get to the root cause of the struggle.
  • A greater sense of peace in parenting because of being equipped.
  • Validation of your efforts as you strive to be a good parent.

We will limit each month to five families. Will you be one of them?

Don’t wait to register.

Make this important step for your child and your family.

Questions? Feel free to email us at

Was $340 ... Now $97 for a limited time

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Who are we?

Tom and Julie Meekins have raised four children -- one with: ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, severe allergies, asthma, and one with CHARGE Syndrome. The care of their daughter with CHARGE involved hospitalizations, developmental delays, tube feeding, extensive therapies. Along with 26 years of parenting, certifications in brain development and integrative health coaching, business & seminary degrees, and corporate experience, they bring the “what to do about it” piece. They are Missionaries to Parents with PEF Ministries, involved in the special needs ministry at their church, host a special needs parent support group, and the authors of Every Mom’s Checklist-Five Point Focus, Melt the Meldowns, ADHD - Another Perspective, Perky Participation in the Pew, Happy Moms - Peaceful Homes, and other articles and blogs and podcasts.


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