Visitors' Day

Tuesday, August 15

Boat departs Boston for Thompson Island at 2:30pm
Boat returns to Boston at 9:30pm

Visitors' Day and "Missed the Boat"

Tuesday, August 15 - Wednesday, August 16

Boat departs Boston for Thompson Island at 2:30pm Tuesday
Boat returns to Boston Wednesday afternoon

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Thompson Island, Boston Harbor 
5 Drydock Ave
Boston, MA 02210


Marcie Van Cleave 
Folk Arts Center of New England

The Folk Arts Center of New England presents 2017's

Visitors' Day and "Missed the Boat"

Tuesday, August 15 and Wednesday, August 16

Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School

Visitors' Day is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Boston's Thompson Island, part of the Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, and at the same time, enjoy a full afternoon and evening of activities with the teachers and students of the 15th Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School!

ANOTHER OPTION!  Did you "Miss the Boat" at the end of Visitors' Day?  No need to start swimming back to shore - stay overnight and through lunch on Wednesday with this new opportunity!  For an additional fee you can stay on the island - participate in the late night sessions after the rest of the visitors have gone back o'er the water, spend the night in your own private room, audit classes in the morning, enjoy breakfast and lunch with your island buddies, and catch an afternoon boat back to reality on Wednesday.

BHSFS Teaching Staff

  • Gordon Gunn (fiddle) - from Caithness, Scotland
  • Judi Nicolson (fiddle) - originally from Banchory, Scotland
  • Wendy MacIsaac (fiddle) - from Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Anne Hooper (fiddle) - from Quincy, Massachusetts
  • Katie McNally (fiddle) - from Somerville, Massachusetts
  • Terry Traub (piano) - from Bedford, Massachusetts
  • Eamon Sefton (guitar) - from Stow, Massachusetts


• Visitors' Day (Tuesday, August 15)
$50 - general admission
$45 - Folk Arts Center of New England members
$30 - children, age 5-12
free - children under age 5

• "Missed the Boat"  (Tuesday night, August 15 - Wednesday afternoon, August 16)
$100 - adults, age 18+ (in addition to the Visitors' Day fee)


You can register up to ten additional guests when you register yourself.  Click on the "add" button under "Guest Information" at the bottom of the registration form.  Warning - you are not able to add guests under the same email address after you have registered.  If you need to add others later, you must use a different email.

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