Bootcamp Fall 2017  

Would you like to learn how to do marketing more effectively?  Are you ready to take the next step towards getting more money, clients and exposure? Come join us for this fantastic 1/2 Day workshop. 

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Albert Kaufman 
Albertideation, Blue Deer Forest, Digital Popcorn Marketing 


Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM PDT
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Holladay Park Church of God - Portland Eastside 
2120 NE Tillamook St.
Portland, OR 97212

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Albert Kaufman is a Constant Contact Solution Provider.  He works with individuals and small businesses to increase their revenues through the savvy use of social media and email marketing. Located in Portland, Oregon, Albert works with clients in person and virtually using Skype and Google Hangouts. Learn more about his offerings at

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Portland Digital Marketing Fall Bootcamp

Session 1 with Nedra Rezinas of Blue Deer Forest

Demystifying Wordpress: Shortcuts and tips for your Wordpress Business: 

Learn to some basic tips and tricks and when to ask for help, I'll cover:

  • Why you need to invest time/money in your website - because it represents you and your work, as well as supports the cultivation of relationships with your current and potential clients and allies. 
  • Get confident about working on your website - because you know how to make those basic edits and updates without fear of breaking something. 
Be prepared about getting support with your website - because you know how to ask specifically for what you need, and when it makes sense to bring in an expert rather than take the DIY route. 
Session 2 with Albert Kaufman of Albertideation: 

Email Marketing Quickstart 

...a step by step walkthrough of setting up Constant Contact's email tool for your business

  • Email Marketing; can’t live with it, can't SURVIVE without it. We understand that kick starting your email marketing strategy can be a daunting task. It takes all of the things that small businesses and non-profits don't seem to have- time, effort and budget. That's why I'm offering a workshop that it designed to assist you with finally taking the email marketing leap that you've wanted to make. Whether you are looking to switch from a competitor or you have never used email marketing before, I guarantee that by attending this workshop you will walk away with: 
  •  The newest and coolest version of Constant Contact 
  •  An understanding of the basics of creating mobile responsive emails that produce real results. 
  •  Next steps in producing your email marketing strategy. 
Don't wait to sign up! Time to give your business the attention it deserves
Session 3 with Don Richardson of Digital Popcorn Marketing: 

Website Optimization for Complete Newbies!
Do you want more business from your website, but don't know where to start?  If so, then this is the class for you.  
We will cover the basics in plain language and provide some fun tools to help you along the way.
Secret #1: Discover how search engines work and why.
We will be pulling back the curtain and revealing some of the mystery behind search engines, what makes them tick and why.
Secret #2: Uncovering 4 ways to show up in the search results.
All is not lost. There are several ways to rank for desired key phrases. 
We will start by looking at the anatomy of a search engine result page and the opportunities presented there for your business.

Secret #3: Find out if your website is ready.
Don't make it hard for me to do business with you.
  • Discover how to find out which keywords you may already be ranking for and why.
  • Uncover why you may be ranking higher for certain terms and not others and what you can do about it!
  • STOP giving your business away to your competitor and increase your own bottom line!
Join us as we demystify the hidden treasures of website optimization.
Don Richardson, owner of Digital Popcorn Marketing, is a digital marketing consultant who promotes businesses in the marketplace locally and nationally.