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Mary Hansen 
Northern California Aerospace Initiative 

Yuba-Sutter LSA Teen Build Program Donations

The Teen Build program is a 2+ year program designed to teach high school level kids the vocational skills necessary to construct, maintain and fly in the aircraft they build while directly exposing the students to the various career opportunities through field trips, job shadowing, and internships.

  • Students learn to work as a team
  • Students develop leadership & craftsmanship skills
  • Students learn a variety of vocational skills:  metal fabrication, electronics & avionics, reciprocating engines, understanding technical drawings and insrtuctions, public speaking and problem solving skills
  • Students earn credits for high school and higher education
  • Students become better candidates for prospective employers
  • Students get credited with Aircraft Maintenance Technician hours
Donate to Program Now!Program provided by Northern California Aerospace Initiative, a 501(c)3 non profit educational organization, headquartered at Yuba County Airport, Olivehurst, CA