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Holly Macriss 

American Fascial Distortion Model Association (AFDMA)  

AFDMA is an organization dedicated to teaching healthcare providers the Fascial Distortion Model and to bringing the vision of Stephen Typaldos, DO, creator of FDM, into medicine. AFDMA is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) to provide category 1A CME for physicians, our membership categories reflect our responsibility in this relationship.

Currently, membership supports the growth of the FDM through seminars and publications that we are able to provide.  See full mission statement to see what we are about.

Currently, members receive discounted registration fees to any AFDMA course.  As we grow, we plan to add a number of benefits for membership, including:

  • A member’s only forum on our website where any member will be able to ask questions about the FDM and engage in conversation with other members
  • Be listed as an FDM provider on our website (your company information will be listed after you have participated in at least one module)
  • Scholarships for medical students to attend FDM seminars
  • Funding research on the FDM

There are five categories of membership in the AFDMA:
1. Voting Physician Members (AOA members)
2. Non-voting Physician Members
3. Student Members (for medical students)
4. Affiliate Members (ATC, DC, DDS, DMD, DPM, ND,  NP, OT, PA-C, PT, and SI (Certified ind Structural Integration)
5. Honorary Members

The information you provide should be information that you would like published on the AFDMA Find a Practitioner page. As long as you have attened one of the three modules, AFDMA will list your name on this page. If you prefer not to be included in this search, please check the button to opt out of this benefit of membership when completing the membership form. You can opt out or participate in this function of membership at anytime. Just contact AFDMA and we will with this request.

We look forward to your participation!