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The Reading Center 
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Online Basic Orton-Gillingham Training Institute with Practicum

Course Training Dates are September 5 - November 26, 2017

Accredited Training Institute

For more than 65 years, licensed teachers (regular education, special education, ELL, reading, speech/language, and Title 1), paraprofessionals, home educators, parents, and even grandparents have taken our training courses, which are designed to help those who struggle unexpectedly learning to read, write, and spell.

The Orton-Gillingham Approach, as taught by highly qualified Reading Center instructors, employs comprehensive, scientifically based reading instruction. During the Institutes, participants will learn the approach, the structure of the English language, and apply what's been learned by planning and teaching actual lessons. The training is intense but extremely valuable and life changing. Allow time in your schedule for a training of this magnitude.


  • Enrollment is limited to 6. Sign up today to learn this valuable approach for your professional development or for your personal enrichment.  
  • Graduate credits are available through Saint Mary's University, Winona, Minnesota. You must have a four-year degree in order to apply for graduate credits.  Graduate course credit is in addition to course tuition and is the responsibility of the student.  If interested in graduate credit, contact The Reading Center.
  • A certificate of successful completion will be presented to those who satisfactorily complete required course work and pass the examinations.
  • Full payment for classes is due at the time of registration online for this class.
  • The Reading Center reserves the right to cancel (and refund tuition) for classes if not enough registrations are received.
  • Please view our withdrawal policy here.
  • Interested trainees are invited to apply for scholarships (updated form available here); however, we will not hold a class spot for anyone until either full tuition has been paid or a scholarship has been granted. It is possible the class will fill with paid trainees before a scholarship has been granted.

For more information, call us at (507) 288-5271 or visit our website at www.TheReadingCenter.org.

Online Basic Training Institute to be held September 5 - November 26, 2017

This is the same high-quality, Academy accredited program with a national reputation. The 120 hour course is spread out over 12 weeks, and broken down into 12 modules. This is largely a 1:1 training and trainees will meet regularly online with their master teacher throughout the course. 

This class will begin September 5-November 26, 2017. We will have room for 6 trainees in this course.

** UPDATED We anticipate starting our next online course beginning in late November 2017.  We will still hold our in person basic institute classes both in summer and winter as usual in Rochester.

Tuition paid in full is due at the time of registration: $1,795

Required course materials (purchased separately) are: Basic Language Tool Kit (required) and several other recommended titles provided after registration. 

Each trainee must find a student (grade 2-4) local to their area that is willing to dedicate the time required to be screened online by a Master Teacher (to determine appropriateness for the practicum). Beyond the initial screening, the student will need to be available two times a week for a total of 12 forty-five minute practicum lesson sessons. Note: All practicum lesson sessions will need to be video recorded.

Minimum technology requirements include: headset, desktop/laptop with camera and microphone, high speed reliable internet connection, printer, and video recording equipment for practicum sessions.  Please note a PC is preferred over a MAC when using WebEx software.