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Saturday, August 19, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM CDT

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Southminster Presbyterian Church, 6306 Roe Blvd.
6306 Roe Blvd.
Prairie Village, KS 66208

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August 19, 2017

Called Meeting of Heartland Presbytery:

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9:30am - 11:30am

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Southminster Presbyterian Church

6306 Roe Boulevard

Prairie Village, KS 66206

TO:        Teaching Elders and Clerks of Session

FROM: Sally Hinchman, Stated Clerk

DATE:  Monday, August 7, 2017

 RE:        Called Presbytery Meeting

The Commission for Ministry is requesting a Called Presbytery Meeting on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 9:30 AM at Southminster Presbyterian Church, 6306 Roe Avenue, Prairie Village, KS.

At the request of the Administrative Review Committee, the Commission on Ministry moves that Heartland Presbytery elect an Administrative Commission for the Korean United Presbyterian Church, 4849 England, Merriam, KS. The Commission will have the authority to:

1.  Dissolve the session, if, after a hearing with the session, the commission concludes that the session is unable to manage wisely its affairs, and to assume original jurisdiction of the session. (G-3.303e}.

2.  Access to all church records, including but not limited to: session minutes, membership records, financial records, by-laws, newsletters, and materials distributed for congregational information

3.  To call session and congregational meetings.

4.  Determine when the Nominating Committee may bring a slate of nominees for election. Provide for the training of the elders, especially in the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Directory of Worship.

 5.  Take such actions as may be necessary to bring healing and stability to the Korean United Presbyterian Church

6.  Reassess the congregational vitality and leadership.

7.  Advise the session as to what appropriate actions could be taken to resolve particular conflicts.

8.  Engage the services of individuals who can assist the commission in its work.

9.  Determine when the session may resume any and all of their responsibilities. (G-3.0201) 10. Make regular reports to the Commission on Ministry and the presbytery.

The following persons will serve on the Administrative Commission:

TE Ron Galvin                                                    RE Harold Frye, Grace Covenant, OP, KS

TE Jason Ku                                                       RE Elizabeth McKell, Village, PV,KS

TE Dwight Tawney

Additional names may be added at the meeting.

 Ruling Elder Sally Hinchman Stated Clerk

Commissioners calling for this meeting:

TE Sarah Butler

TE Becky Chamberlain

TE Ron Galvin

TE Craig Gibson

TE Lonnie Lee

TE Ron Patton

TE Kari Pellegrino

TE Barbara Sherer

TE Elizabeth Strobel

TE Ky Weekley

RE Dave Berger, Trinity, St. Joseph, MO

RE Barbara Bever, Covenant, KC, MO

RE J. Craig Gibson

RE Carol Grimaldi,Second, KC, MO

RE Don Lueckert, Village, PV, KS

RE Jan Myers, Parkville, Parkville, MO

RE Jim Trast, Grace Covenant, OP, KS