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Tuesday, December 12, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM CET
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EMCC International research webinar: Characterising effective leadership - 12 December @ 18.30 cet 

About the webinar

Multi-rater leadership assessments are an invaluable tool for leadership coaching. In particular, they allow one to view a leader from the perspective of different observers. This feedback is often provided by several observer groups (e.g., bosses, peers, subordinates). We took a granular look at observer ratings and found several differences in the ratings made by observers from different groups even when rating the same individuals. This not surprising, as raters have different relationships and interactions with leaders. The dynamics of a manager-subordinate interaction will differ from those between peers, giving each rater a different perspective and a different set of experiences with the leader they are evaluating.  This webinar will explore the perceptions of leadership effectiveness by discussing leader ratings made by different observer groups. Importantly, the discussion will not be limited to differences in effectiveness ratings. We will also discuss the behaviors that characterise effective leaders from each observer group’s perspective.

Our discussion will center on insights obtained from a recent sample of over 50,000 European observers who rated a matched sample of leaders using MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360), a multi-rater leadership assessment measuring 22 leadership behaviors and 30 leadership competencies. The goal of this webinar is twofold. First, we will share our findings on the effectiveness ratings made by different observers and will take a close look at the behaviors that each observer group associates with leadership effectiveness. As our findings suggest, effectiveness is viewed differently by each observer group. Our second goal is to discuss coaching insights that arise from this research in the contemporary workplace. This webinar will equip you to better interpret multi-rater feedback in light of the different relationship dynamics found in European organisations.

About MRG  Founded in 1983, Management Research Group (MRG) is an international assessment firm specializing in Leadership Development, Personal Development and Motivation, and Sales Force Effectiveness. MRG’s assessments are available in 15 languages and are normed in 15 countries 

and 8 global regions. Our assessments are used by the most discerning international business schools, executive coaches, consulting organisations and multinationals. We have one of the largest research databases in the world and a network of 1500 consultants active in over 100 countries.

David Ringwood, Vice President of Client Development, EMEA David is responsible for managing all aspects of business development, product certification and consulting support in the EMEA region with Management Research Group. Prior to joining Management Research Group in 2006, he was a client of MRG and was President of a consulting firm specialising in senior leadership development and coaching in Ireland. David is a Master Trainer in all MRG assessments and also delivers workshops and webinars on advanced assessment interpretation, coaching methodology and MRG research. David is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, he is Level A and B qualified in Occupational Testing with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is a member of the European Association for Work and Organisational Psycholody (EAWOP).  He has several advanced research degrees in Cognitive Linguistics and is passionate about the application of psychometric assessment in coaching and mentoring.  David has lived and worked internationally in Ireland, UK, Eastern Europe and Asia/Pacific for companies such as Mercer Human Resources Consulting, Korn/Ferry International and JP Morgan.

Maria Brown, Ph.D., Head of Research, Management Research Group  Maria leads the research function at Management Research Group, providing empirically-based insights into key themes in leadership such as gender, generational and cultural differences, leadership effectiveness across industries and functions, and many similar topics of importance. Maria earned her PhD in Psychology from Vanderbilt University in 2012 and was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Murray State University before joining MRG. She brings a strong track record in teaching and research.