Thursday, September 14, 2017 12 noon to 1 p.m.




Jill Hoyenga 
City of The Dalles
September 2017 Social Media Virtual Forum

Social Media: Communicate the Value of Water

You may think of social media as a tool for organizations to interact with their customers and reach out to the community. But social media is more than just a post or a tweet; there are other opportunities and they may be passing you by.

For better, or some might say for worse, social media is now a dominant form of communication. In today’s marketplace having a website is no longer enough. Consumers are thirsty for interaction; they want to hear your unique voice and get to know the people behind the scenes. Social media nurtures an online omnipresence for your brand and is becoming an essential part of daily business. 

Libby Barg of Barney & Worth Inc. will share three simple steps outlined in this presentation to give you a great start at elevating your online presence. Your social media savvy will help customers discover and contact your utility, improve your search engine rankings – and more.

After Libby's short presentation, we will take a look at two utility Facebook pages that have interactive postings about the Value of Water. Attendees will be invited to share from their social media feeds for discussion and we will brainstorm ways to apply concepts shared.

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$10 Non-members

Registration closes September 8, 2017.