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Andrea Alentado Hague 
Alentado Training Consultants, LLC 



Introductory Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement Level I & II 

This course is designed to take officers with little or no knowledge of the Spanish language and have them complete a preliminary police report, citation or booking report using a method that is well-developed and validated. Personnel will be able to affect an arrest, traffic stop and high risk traffic stop in a practical exercise.  Additionally, this program will familiarize your personnel with “street Spanish” in an effort to reduce danger and better prepare your officers for criminal investigations.  Culture and customs will be discussed to minimize misunderstandings and somewhat predict some behavioral patterns by Latinos.  

Develop an ability to identify Spanish letters (alphabet) in order to obtain accurate Latino names.  Also, rules of pronunciation will be covered to assist non-Spanish speakers with letter(s) sound(s) as well as easy to follow rules of sentence structure. 

Interviewing: “Breaking the Ice”, Legal Cases, and Latino Cultural Information.  Including how to be an active participant even when the interviewing officer knows little or no Spanish.  (Including Latino Surname makeup) 

The participant will be able to conduct a traffic stop, a high risk traffic stop and affect an arrest using short phrases and words to reduce your agency’s liability.  (Based on validation study) 

Precautionary, imminent danger, drug and weapon terminology both literal and slang to increase officer safety.  Furthermore, officers will be shown how to use these words and phrases in an interview.

Accident, DWI preliminary questions, how to perform, recite and defend FST’s.  Preliminary criminal offense report and personal information gathering techniques in order to obtain accurate information using our unique method developed for officers with little knowledge of Spanish language.  

New Content Opioid Response Training

Scene identification and control:                                                                                                             Subject control                                                                                                                                Overcoming reluctance of witnesses/bystanders                                                                                 Locating victims of overdose       
Threat identification questioning to determine the presence of:                                                          needles, works/paraphernalia                                                                                product/precursors/byproducts                                                                                                  weapons/booby traps/vicious dogs                                                                                                         human threats                                                                                                                                       children
Overdose Intervention Questioning                                                                                                      Cognitive Questioning                                                                                                                                Drug(s), Time Frame and Dosage Use Amounts                                                                                   Usage history Illicit vs. prescription drugs                                                                                               Health history                                                                                                                                      Injection site identification

Prep for Narcan/Naloxone Deployment and Patient Management                                                        Control phrases to prepare Scene for Arrival of Medical Units

Hands-on practical exercises  All of our Instructors are current or past law enforcement officers to lend credibility to the program and audience. 

All Students will receive a law enforcement specific book, flip cards and audio-CD’s for continued learning!   Space is limited! For additional information contact Andrea Hague 252-342-6655 or email