Tuckahoe chiefTES PTA Fee Form 2017-2018

(PTA Membership, Directory, Yearbook, Annual Fund)



Tuckahoe Elementary School 
701 Forest Avenue
Henrico, VA 23229


Denise Ellen 
Tuckahoe Elementary School PTA 
This form provides “one-stop-shopping” to:
1) Join the PTA*
2) Provide information for and purchase of the School Directory
3) Purchase the Yearbook
4) Donate to the Tuckahoe Elementary PTA Annual Fund

This information needs only to be completed once for each family
Please complete by no later than September 15, 2017.

*To complete this online form, one PTA membership is required. If you do NOT wish to join the PTA, you will need to fill out a paper form instead, which can be downloaded from our website, tuckahoepta.org, or found in the school office.

The following information will assist you in completing the information on this site. 

PTA Membership:

  • More than one member of your household can join the PTA!  Moms, Dads, grandparents, anyone!
  • Memberships are only $5.00.
  • The Virginia PTA Bylaws require a Membership List, which includes member's first and last name and email address.

School Directory:

  • The TES Directory is a listing of student names and addresses both by class and alphabetically. 
  • If you DO NOT want your child’s/children’s information included in the directory, check the appropriate box.
  • Student’s primary address and phone number should be provided in the parent/guardian 1 information section. 
  • Phone number format should be (XXX-XXX-XXXX).
  • Please fill out the parent/guardian 2 information section if you would like this information to be included in the directory. 
  • Your child’s/children’s name(s) will be included even if you do not order a directory.
  • Cost per directory is $3.00. 
  • Directory purchases must be made at this time!


  • The TES Yearbook is a fun way for the children to look back at the year and share memories with their friends and family.
  • Consider buying a yearbook for each student, as signing books during the last week of school is a TES tradition in many classrooms.   
  • If you DO NOT want your child’s/children’s photos included in the yearbook, please check the appropriate box.
  • Cost per yearbook is $16.00.
  • Yearbook purchases must be made at this time!

Annual Fund:

  • The Annual Fund is the Tuckahoe PTA's primary fundraiser this year.  Each year the PTA budgets approximately $60 total expense per student to provide for guest authors and scientists, student performances, and more that enrich our students' experience at Tuckahoe. The Fund also provides resources for our teachers and allows us to improve the school grounds.  The options on the following form give you the ability to donate a tax-deductible gift in an amount of your choosing.   Thank you for supporting the 2017-2018 Annual Fund!

 ***IMPORTANT PAYMENT NOTE***  You will be able to choose credit card or a PayPal account AFTER you click on the PayPal button at the end of the order page.