Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT
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$60+hst Single Ticket
$50+hst Multiple Tickets

Your ticket includes light snacks, all craft supplies & Framed Mirror for you to take home.  Cash Bar available. 


The Birch Bistro & Lounge 
84 King St West
Bowmanville, ON L1C 1R4

Driving Directions 

Remember this amazing video that went viral__ _click on the image to view_

Remember this Inspiring Video that went viral??  She's got it figured out, why don't we? Click on the image to see the video!


Jenny McKee 
Creating Inspiration 

~ Affirmation Mirrors ~


You've heard of Paint Night right? 

You know... a night out at a bar or restaurant where you follow instructions on how to paint the same picture as everyone else? You can also start your own tab and order food and have a few drinks! What's also cool is that you don't have to have artistic skills and anyone can do it! Fun right? ABSOLUTELY!

But you know what's EVEN BETTER??  
(well... I think so anyways!) 

A Girls Night Out with a FUN and EASY Creative Activity AND 
Self Discovery Workshop all in one! 

AAANND... if that's not enough... munchies and snacks are provided! You're just responsible for your drink tab!

WHAT??? That sounds amazing doesn't it??  
Read more below!


I'll have examples and be talking you through it all, I promise... it's fun!

What are the voices inside your head telling you?

 Are they supportive and loving?  Or critical and hateful?

When you look in the mirror?? What do YOU see?

Unfortunately, if you're like most woman... you've felt like everyone else has their sh*t together exept you.  We've become over critical of ourselves and feel like we're  not good enough, smart enough, worth enough... just plain being ENOUGH as we ARE RIGHT NOW!.  

But the thing is... we don't have to think that way anymore.  We've all done the best we could in each situation.  We need to have love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves.  It's not always easy, but when we do... amazing things happen, we feel happier and in turn... our lives get better.

Mirror Work is POWERFUL.  Click HERE to learn more about it.

Learn a new way to Change your Thoughts, Empower Yourself
and Believe in YOU!  (I believe in you! xo)

In this 2 hour workshop you will...

* Learn about the Law of Attraction & Law of Reflection
* Understand the power of "I AM" statements
* Paint & Decorate your own Affirmation Mirror to take home
* Discover new ways to shift your Self Talk
* Connect with amazing women
* Enjoy delicious snacks
* Leave Empowered, Feeling Loved & Inspired to be YOU!