OCT. 7, OCT. 14, OCT.21, NOV. 4, NOV 11, 2017


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Dr. Leonor Murciano 
















Restoring our Rhythm

thru the

Embodiment of the 





10:00am-12:00pm EST

10.7, 10.14, 10.21, 11.04, 11.11

livestream available & limited in person space.



Join us as you step up to be the change you want to see on the planet... joining forces with PLANET GAIA and HER 5 UNVERSAL MOTHERS in order to restore the rhythm and sacredness of the PLANET and ourselves.  


As women, we are Healers… and the GREAT MOTHER EARTH GAIA needs us now to commune with HER, embody HER expressions of the 5 UNIVERAL MOTHERS...

As we usher in the NEW Consciousness on the planet.


There is destruction all over the planet, from raging fires, monumental floods, intense hurricanes and much, much more. There is much to be purified as we create space for a greater vision to take place in our world.


 We have become a planet that considers compassion secondary to monetary gains and greed. We consider human welfare and human needs less important than securing our profits.  Daily world decisions are based on money rather than compassion for others.

But all that is changing.


We see a vision where the Mother EARTH is revered and honored for Her beauty and the live nourishment that is provided through Her resources.  A planet where everyone is conscious and responsible for the foot prints on Mother EARTH. 

A planet where we, the people, make decisions that are centered around LOVE and compassion for our sisters and brothers, not our profit. This is vision is possible and it begins with us. 


As women, we are Healers, we also carry the compassion in our Wombs and are being asked to give birth to that COMPASSION now on Great Mother EARTH, as She is purifying Herself of the denser energies on the planet and the old paradigm. 


Through conscious awareness of Great Mother EARTH GAIA and Her 5 UNIVERSAL MOTHERS that move through us, we become the conscious vessel that gives birth to greater universal levels of Compassion, Mercy, Love and Justice on our planet.


Through the conscious embodiment of the forgotten 5 UNIVERSAL MOTHERS we allow the communion to begin between our body and the Great Mother EARTHs body, we allow Her to purify Herself, to transform Herself, to move and express Herself…Her pain… Her sorrow… Her suffering… allowing it to be transmuted through us. 


Our pain is her pain, our body is her body. Great Mother Earth is a living being that provides nourishment for us on many levels, including the food, water and air that we breathe.  We, as humans, are made from the 5 elements: the EARTH as our structure, the WATER as our fluids, the FIRE as the ignition and spark of life, the AIR as our breath and oxygen, and ETHER as our consciousness and space that contains all. 

These 5 elements are evident in the 5 UNIVERSAL MOTHERS

and how they constantly hold us and support us. 


Great Mother EARTH GAIA is calling to us… women all over the planet… that are ready to step in as Intermediary between Heaven and EARTH and feel the calling of giving birth to the UNIVERSAL QUALITIES OF LOVE, PEACE, JOY, COMPASSION & JUSTICE on the planet.


Are you ready?



Do you hear the Call of GREAT MOTHER EARTH GAIA?



Program begins on 


completey free... LIVE STREAM WEBINAR...

FREE LIVE STREAM weaving the principles of
HEALING OF OUR NERVOUS, ENDOCRINE, CIRCULATORY, IMMUNE SYSTEM & our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual body.
Healing of old Trauma & Nervous system.



We can all be part of 

~changing the collective story of the Feminine ....





After our FREE GLOBAL GAIA event you will have the opportunity to participate in a GLOBAL GAIA  5 week program with a unique PAY as you CAN program.  The suggested price is $129.00 for live streaming and $159.00 for the select 7 that we will host inhouse in South Florida.  But with the Pay as you can program, you can donate what you can afford at the moment, as low as 10% of the suggested program price.  

Our intention is for each person to particapte in shfiting the consciousness on the planet regardless of their financial state at the moment.  We want to offer the opportunity for all women on the planet to join in on the transformational healing program giving birth to the new consciosness ont he planet. 

Our GLOBAL GAIA 5 WEEK program will give us the opportunity to dive and embody each of the UNIVERSAL MOTHERS through breath, movement, rhythm, sound, conscious meditation journeys, and deep communion with the UNIVERSAL MOTHERS within your own being, as well as on the PLANETARY EXPRESSIONS. 


Great Mother ~Universal GAIA  Invocation

We are grateful to the Great Mother GAIA and all her manifestations and expressions...  within ourselves and outside on PLANET EARTH.

 We bow to the EARTH MOTHER...

and ask HER to root our SOULS deep into HER BODY... as SHE strengthens us, anchoring us... and clearing all the veils of shame and unworthiness that have lived in our beautiful FEMININE FORM.

We bow to the OCEAN MOTHER of LOVE...

and ask HER to immerse us into HER unconditional OCEAN of LOVE... as we replenish our thirst... and recognize ourselves as this very OCEAN of LOVE, transmitting the UNITY consciousness of LOVE to all others.

We bow to the DRAGON MOTHER of FIRE...

and ask HER to awaken HER LIFEFORCE within us... as we allow HER dance of joy to enliven our very being... and learn to listen to the deep yearning of our souls ecstatic bliss as our guiding force.

We bow to the COSMIC WOMB MOTHER of AIR...

and ask HER to merge us with HER MYSTERY... as we allow our hearts and souls to deeply rest in HER WOMB... and feel the nourishment and safety of the GREAT MOTHER.

We bow to the DARK MOON MOTHER of ETHER...

and ask HER to annihilate us into our PRIMORDIAL ESSENCE...as we dissolve who we think we are into the ESSENCE of our BEING... releasing all the constricting patterns of fear and illusion of separation. 



WE are the MEDICINE!




We are the MEDICINE! 




WE are the MEDICINE!



WE are the MEDICINE!




WE are the MEDICINE!