Thursdays / 9 - 10 AM


$15 per drop-in session

$120 per 10 class package


Integrative Mindfulness
3372 Woods Edge Circle, #102
Fountains Professional Park
Bonita Springs, FL 34134

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David Sawtelle, CYT
(239) 201-6648

Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow 

Hatha translated from Sanskrit is “sun and moon.” Ha represents sun energy (power, strength) and tha represents moon energy (grace, elegance, release/surrender). In his gentle hatha flow classes yoga teacher David Sawtelle teaches that yoga develops an awareness and control of our physical and spiritual balance (yin and yang) while flowing through the asanas/poses. Hatha yoga reduces stress, depression and carries well into our everyday physical activities. Hatha yoga also massages all the body’s major organs and aids in the release and cleansing of poisonous toxins. This is accomplished by coordinating the coiling and the uncoiling of the breath with the coiling and the uncoiling of the asanas. 

In David’s gentle hatha flow class one can expect to explore, hold and exercise every major anatomical muscle group. All poses are modified as needed to insure comfort to the knees, wrists, spinal cord and joints. With the consistent, patient and disciplined practice of hatha yoga, one can expect to experience increased range of motion, stamina, muscle strength and improved body tone/posture. This class is intended for individuals with special concerns about their wrists, hips, spinal cord, knees or feet. At any time during the practice, participants can freely modify their experience by either increasing or lessening the deepness/intensity of the poses. David shares two important mantras for participants to heed during every yoga session, “No pain, no pain,” and, “This is your yoga. Modify as needed!” In his gentle classes, David takes time to share profound sayings, verses and quotes from the renowned visionaries. (Although elements of yoga are found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, in and of itself yoga is not a religion or a religious practice but simply a mental and physical exercise/practice as is pilates, tai chi or karate.)

David’s class begins in a peaceful atmosphere with a gentle warm up to assist in quieting the mind, setting one’s intention and loosening the spinal cord. Following a thorough flow through a full range of poses (from standing, balancing, to sitting and lying positions), each session ends with a relaxing and soothing period for meditation, reflection and cool down. In addition, David teaches his students the ancient practice of engaging the bandhas/energy locks, used to “lock” one’s inner energy for heightened endurance, strength and finesse. It is recommended that this technique be transferred to enhance all outdoor physical activities.

David Sawtelle David Sawtelle has been practicing yoga for 25 years. He first fell in love with yoga attending a Hatha class at "Yoga Yoga" in Austin, Texas. David is a professional musician, music teacher, and former symphony orchestra and choral conductor in Michigan. He realized that one way for him to pursue a long and happy career in music was to maintain and increase his range of motion, stamina and peace of mind with dedicated yoga practice. What better way to do that than by becoming a certified yogi!