Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM PDT
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Mt. Tamalpais United Methodist Church 
410 Sycamore Ave,
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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Jacinta Martin 
Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance 
415-261 1393 

Forgiveness Day #21 Is Here!


.   Presenting the 2017 Forgiveness Day Heroes and Champions of Forgiveness!

 Mark Heyer Forgave the White Supremacist Who Ran Over and Killed His Daughter Heather in Charlottesville Protests

Mark Heyer, father of Heather Heyer, said of his daughter's murder by a white supremacist, “I hope all this stuff that’s come out isn’t twisted into something negative but there comes a positive change in people’s hearts, in their thinking, in their understanding of their neighbor. We just need to forgive each other. And I just hope that’s what comes out of all this,”

When Amy Biehl Was Killed in South Africa, the Biehl Family (Linda, Peter and Molly) Forgave and Created a Foundation to Help!

on August 25, 1993, Amy Biehl, a Fulbright Scholar working in South Africa against Apartheid, was beaten and stabbed to death by a group of young men protesting Apartheid. Her parents, Linda and Peter Biehl, forgave the young men and created The Amy Biehl Foundation in 1994 to assist the oppressed people of South Africa in overcoming the conditions that led to the kind of violence that killed their daughter. Five years later, they participated in the Truth and Reconcilation Commission to support amnesty for their daughter's killers. Amy's sister, Molly, joined in the forgiveness of the killers and went on to write a book, "You've Got This!" about their journey to forgiveness. Molly will accept the Hero of Forgiveness Award on behalf of her mother, late father, and herself honoring their coming to a state of forgiveness. 

Ed Dudkowski, Video Producer, Director, Editor and Narrator, to Receive Champion of Forgiveness Award .

The unforgettable video images over the years of the many events of the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance are all due to the tireless and talented efforts of Ed Dudkowski. He is responsible for organizing and directing the crews and equipment necessary for bringing the forgiveness stories and experiences of dozens of people since the very first International Forgiveness Day event in 1996. He is truly a Champion at bringing the awareness of forgiveness to the world.


 Assaulted on Stage and Hospitalized, Singer Forgives the Woman Who Attacked Him. 
 Lester Chambers of Chambers Brothers to 
Get Forgiveness Award

Lester Chambers, lead singer of the Chamber Brothers, whose hit song "Time Has Come Today" has been replayed in movies, TV and commercials, was assaulted on-stage by a woman at the 2013 Russell CityHayward Blues Festival. He was assaulted after he asked the audience to pray and dedicated the "People Get Ready" to the Trayvon Martin family, whose was killed in Florida by a neighborhood watch enforcer.
According to witnesses, the woman leaped onto the stage cursing and yelling, "You started it." Her momentum took her into Lester with full force knocking him back at least six feet into the equipment racks. The impact left severe bruising on his back and my rib cage. Chambers' son, Dylan, said that it took 8 men to restrain the woman in her frenzied attack. Lester's injuries were serious enough to warrant him being rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment. The assault left the elder Chambers struggling to breathe, since he was already suffering from asthma. He also had bruised hips, knees and ribs and sore arms and wrists.
After the attack, he was not afraid to offer the suspect forgiveness. "I would say to her, get a little God in your heart, and let a little love come out of your soul." After her trial, Lester said of his attacker, "It makes me feel real good that she's getting treatment as opposed to just sitting in a cage." He later added, "Anyway, all I got is love. And I ain't gonna let nobody every deter me from keepin' on loving. That's all I can do. That's all I got."

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