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Gillian Lee Smith 
Gillian Lee Smith Art School 

Drawn to Expression Self Study Ecourse 

Have you ever let fear and that feeling of being ‘stuck’ in your art practice stop you from getting to the easel? Struggled to know how artists make choices between what to include and what to leave out? Wondered how you can say more with less? Felt a desire to loosen up and be more expressive in your art? Wanted to confront fears of imperfection and lack of motivation? Wanted to gain confidence in tapping into what makes us unique and individual and bring that to your art?

Every mark tells a story. Every line is an expression – an unearthing of you as an artist. A whisper or a shout – the language of drawing. This course is about drawing – about making a mark...and then making another...and then another. It is about getting to the table or the easel and staying there because we don’t want to be anywhere else.

There is so much to learn, so much to experience and so much to say as a creative individual – and we can all do it! We just need to open our hearts, dig deep and embrace the challenge.