Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM EST
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Jacobs On The Plaza/Doubltree Hotel 
101 S. Adams St, Tallahassee, Fl 32301
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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Michael Dobson or Mylah Robinson 
Florida Voters Campaign, PAC 
 (850) 241-5896 or (954)793-0592  



Invite You To Attend Fundraiser

Please Join the Florida Voters Campaign for a fundraiser/meet and greet. The new date is November 7, 2017.

Join our  efforts to make sure that our nations promise of equal access to voting , the ideal of one person one vote, that when one pays his/her debt to sociey for a life mistake he/she should not be forever disenfranchised from voting like all taxpaying citizens. Help us make real the  idea that average voters are to be heard more  than campaign dollars. Help us say that these are not just ideals, but are to be strongly adhered to in our democracy. Your help and your donations to Florida Voters Campaign becomes speech that assures those values.

Help us cure a stain on our great state:That today in Florida, 1.6 million tax paying citizens are denied the right to vote. Florida is only 1 of 3 states that do not allow citizens automatic restoration of voting rights after they have  paid their debts to society for a non violent offense. We deny those tax payers  participation in that most basic and most important thing in our democracy... the right to vote.  What we know is that a disproprotionate number of those not allowed to vote are African American. We also know that the grand affects of Florida's current policy not only disenfranchised those 1.6 million returning citizens , but has disenfranchised  entire communities and families. In those  communities, their  voices are not fully counted. That reality  has told some leaders that there is no reason to care about  that communities concerns, although they represent those citizens... because many in those citizens cannot vote. And, without a vote, you have no protection. Without a vote, some try to suggest that you do not count. Some suggest that you are even second class, but know of those things are true.  It is indeed a stain on our democrcay.  It makes for a democracy that is not one that is for "We the people", because a large number of those same  people, who are paying the taxes, are disenfranchised from the vote. To change this reality, we will need resources. We will need resources to communicate with voters about their choices for leadership specific to the issue of restoration of voting rights, and to do the work needed to have this issue heard on our ballot. We need money to fight those who desire to mainitain a policy that harkens back to the darkest period of America. If this issue is important to you, you must join in the fight with your donations.   Join us on November 7, 2017! Join us!! Visit www.floridavoterscampaign.org.

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