Hudson Valley HorsePlay          OPEN BARN 

Everyone is Welcome 
Monday, October 9,  1:00PM - 4:00PM

HV HorsePlay is hosting a picnic on the farm and inviting community members to join us.  
Sip local cider and enjoy Fall's bounty amongst our herd of miniature ponies. (You may be prompted to share an apple or two:.)

Guests of all ages are invited.

Meet the horses!
Observe or participate in ground activities with our beloved four-legged team-members.

Ride Cosmo -  our OT approved mechanical horse.   Cosmo is an Equicizer - developed by a former jockey to very closely simulate the movement of a horse. Over time, the Equiczier has been modified to create a safe mount for anyone wishing to improve balance and coordination, build core stregnth, learn to ride or build upon existing skills.  He carries 500 pounds, is low to the ground, and an easy keeper!

Click here to watch Cosmo in action.

It's neccessary to RSVP for this event and to secure "your piece of the pie."
WHAT IS Equine Assisted Learning?
Activities are structured to meet particiant's goals, whether for social skills, emotional well-being, psychotherapeutic benefit or professional development. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is ground-only work, meaning it does not involve horseback riding. Participants are assigned an activity with a horse/pony or herd. Various exercises support even the most hard-to-reach clients. 

For example we may introduce an activity focusing on social skills, boundaries or assertiveness:

“Spend a few minutes quietly observing three miniature ponies. Identify the lead pony of the group. 
Now, without touching that pony, move it to the other end of the field.”
"This herd of mini horses in the field represents the hallway between classes. How can you carry this bucket of grain to the other end while keeping the ponies at lease 4 feet away from you? You cannot yell or touch them."

With open-ended processing questions, we help participants identify how the horses respond to their behaviors, what’s working and not working - and how these patterns might relate to their lives outside of the arena (including at school, at home, or with friends, co-workers, extended family, etc.). Clients are then able to begin trying out new behaviors with the horses that can then be translated into their outside lives. We create context with most activities and find that many of our clients are able to discover the metaphors for themselves. 
For some of our younger clients we include the Strengths-Explorer Assessment Tool. Materials will be on hand for your viewing.


Looking forward to getting better acquaintanted!

Cori Nichols and HorsePlay Staff and Providers
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Eagala Certified
Experiential Learning & Development 
Wellness & Psychotherapy
CTCT-20160708_135122_6 Cori Nichols, right, with Rosie Rouhana, LMHC, NCC .


Nichols Field 

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Cori Nichols 
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