Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM CST
Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 5:00 PM CST

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D14 Airsoft 
3433 Cowling Road
Sanger, TX 76266

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Stacey Ward 
D14 Airsoft 

District 14 | Terran Corporation

Their oil has never been more valuable. Their colony has never been so hard-pressed. Omni-Tek and Terran Corps gather once again for battle, they are caught in the middle, and only wits and a thin black line of ICC Peacekeepers stand between them and these two warring corporations.

Terran Corporation Armed Forces members are required to adhere to strict uniform requirements. Woodland and Digital Woodland patterns are the only acceptable uniforms [see left side of image below]. Top and bottom must match. All gear must match base camoflague pattern or solid green. This includes hats, helmets, plate carriers, chest rigs, holsters, etc.


Here at D14 we are committed to giving the players what they want. The District 14 series will have several key components to ensure the best experience we can offer. 

So what makes this event different than other ops held at D14?

Semi-Auto Only - Players are restricted to semi-auto only, with the exception of Support Gunners

Mid-Cap Only - Players are restricted to mid-caps only, with the exception of Support Gunners. No tactical baby rattles allowed!

Ammo Restrictions - Players may carry no more than 1200 rounds in loaded mags, with the exception of Support Gunners

Support Gunners - Each squad can have up to two (2) Support Gunners. Support weapons must be visually based on a real life support platform (M249, M60, PKM, RPK, L86, Krytac LMG, etc. IARs are not permitted). Support weapons are permitted to fire in full-auto, are permitted to use drum and box magazines, and may carry 5000 rounds in loaded mags. Hi-caps and flash magazines are still not allowed.

Reload Restrictions - players may only reload at respawn, their FOB or at an ammo drop designated by an admin.

Strict Uniforms - Woodland, digital woodland, Desert digital, multicam and black are the only uniforms allowed. Period. Top and bottom must match.

Gear Restrictions - head gear, plate carriers, chest rigs all need to match the base color of your faction. IE woodland/green multicam/tan

Medic Rules - each squad will have 1 medic. The medic will carry 10 bandages supplied by D14. Bandage must be tied and excess bandage wrapped. The medic will bandage the appendage nearest the area hit. The amount of bandages used on each player will be determined by the medic. Medics will receive a pair of trauma shears and a medic patch.

Dedicated Squad Roles - each squad will have designated roles for each member. Some of those roles include medic, SAW gunner, comms, sapper, and squad leader.

Squad Cohesion - each squad must move together. If a medic runs out of bandages, the 'dead' players must be medic dragged through the rest of the mission to completion. A squad is considered combat ineffective once it losses 60% of its members. At that point the squad is to return to respawn.

Command Structure - each faction will be lead by the Incident Commander. 2nd in command is the Information Officer. The IO will have 4 platoon leaders under his direction. Each platoon leader will command 4 squads. Each squad will have up to 10 members. Communication is key.