For 8yr olds and older:

Anatomy Outreach


Programming is Lit!

20th Century Treasure Hunting

On Cloud Nine

Diversity of Sediment Dwellers

Octagon Sliding Star

My Incredible Body

Spooky Chemistry

Supercool Liquid - Glass Blowing Demo!


For 10yr olds and older:

Happy Feet

Tick-tock Grandfather's Clock

Exploding Dots

Ancient Architects

Chem's a GEM

Topological Tic-Tac-Toe

Mini Motor

CSI:  Mobile

Skeleton Stories

Happy Hands & Playful Polymers

Aging Fishes

Cup Cake Chemistry

Liar Liar!

DNA, It's a Jewel

Fashion Forward


Before we get started, read through the list of workshops and write down the names of your Top 5, ranking them 1 (most preferred) to 5.  You'll be asked to enter these workshops to complete your registration.  

Workshops will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis so register quickly!