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2017 Summit Field Sessions Registration 

The time is here for you to register for your Field Sessions!  Remember, these are the sessions where you go out in small groups to shoot with an instructor as your guide.  Due to the need to carpool, limited parking in most areas that we take you to, and wanting to make sure that everyone gets enough personalized attention from the guide, we do limit these groups to a specific number of people.  Most of the groups are limited to 12 people so we can contain the group to 4 cars.  

You may register for up to 3 separate field sessions!  Please register for all 3 sessions at once (only because the computer program we use will not allow you to go back in and update or add to your registrations.  If any changes need to be made, you will have to contact me and I will have to do it on the back end.).  Please register for NO MORE than 1 Light Painting/Night Photography session.  We want to do our best to make sure that everyone who wants to participate in that has the opportunity, but even with having those sessions every night, we still don't have enough room for everyone to do this with an instructor.  If you register for more than 3 field sessions in total, I will have to remove one of them for you, so please be cognizant of that when you are making selections:).

We know that many of you come with family and friends and want to register for field sessions together.  Please know that we understand that, but inevitably, one person will get into a group and then it will fill up before the rest of their group can register.  If you are willing to compromise and change groups, sometimes I can work it out to get you all together, but sometimes it just won't work.  So, please be flexible and be willing to go different ways for a little while or do your best to have these decisions made ahead of time and register at the same time for your best chance at staying together.  Either way, you will have a good time!

Lastly, on your registration form there is a question asking if you will be willing to volunteer as a driver for your field sessions if needed.  In order to volunteer as a driver, you will need to have a vehicle that will hold a total of 4 people and their gear.  Once everyone has registered, I will assign drivers for each field session and you will receive notification of this at registration.  Please note that you cannot just choose to drive yourself apart from everyone else on these field sessions because we have to keep the number of cars to a minimum in the groups.  If you HAVE to drive, perhaps because of a medical condition or extreme motion sickness, please let me know and I will make sure that you are assigned to drive for your sessions.

Ok, I think that is all for the tips, tricks, and notifications!  Happy registering y'all!  See you in one month!