NCBC Navigator Certification Renewal 

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Christine Anderson, Certification Manager

NCBC Navigator Certification Renewal 

If your Navigator Certification certificate hanging on the wall expires between October 16, 2017 and October 15, 2018, then this IS where you need to renew. Navigator certification renewal IS NOT the same as NCBC membership renewal. These are two separate things.  

Don't be confused by the terminology - Event Fee - is the Navigator Certification renewal fee.

You are required to have 8 CEUs each year, 4 for breast and 4 for navigation.  Please include title of the lecture or course, the issuing or certifying body, date, and the number of CEUs.  If you are using Breast Tumor Board hours (up to 4 hours are allowed), please included your supervisor or facility registrar's name and date for each.  If you attended NCoBC2017, that fulfills all of your CEU requirements and you can just write that in one of the CEU boxes. Hard copies of CEUs are not required at the time of renewal, however, I may ask for them if the program is audited, at which time you will have 72 hours to turn them in.  I WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR RENEWAL WITHOUT YOUR CEUs and making me ask for them will only delay your new certificate.

Membership is required for all of NCBC's certification programs.  This system will allow you to pay it if it is due.  If you're not sure, call 574-401-8111 because we don't want you to pay twice.  If your membership is not current you will hear from me as I cannot process your renewal until your membership is current.

Also, please make sure you do not have a pop up blocker on your computer because it will block the pay screen and make you start the whole process over.

Thank you.