2017-2018 NSA-Las Vegas Membership 

Membership Chairperson

Mark Kamp 
NSA Las Vegas 
What's in it for me?

That’s a question we hear a lot when dues time roles around for membership in NSA Las Vegas. Whether from existing members wondering if they should renew, previous members who have allowed their membership to lapse, or NSA National members who are not yet a part of the chapter.
As speakers we are trained to ask ourselves "what’s in it for them?" before every presentation. In the spirit of this practice, I asked a few of our Board members to share what they get out of being a member of NSA Las Vegas. They are already excellent speakers, so why do they stick around?
Here's what a few of them had to say:

"Staying connected with people in my tribe of professional speaking, learning new skills, honing old ones, being reminded of what I need to do to improve my business. Simply put, it is THE place to be for professional speakers." ~ Marilyn Sherman CSP,  Author,  NSA National Leadership

"If you want to lead leaders, this is the place to learn how from the best in the world." ~ Mark S A Smith, Past NSA Chapter President,  Author,  C Suite Consultant 

"Where else can you get continued education from some of the best A list speakers in the world at a fraction of the cost? Not to mention, but I will, the A list talent that lives here and regularly attends the monthly events. They not only come to learn, but to share and make themselves available to all who are willing to ask. The friendships and networking are priceless." ~ “Marvelles Mark” Kamp Author  Broadcaster  Vegas Strip Performer

NSA Las Vegas membership is about you. It is about your speaking career. It is about being surrounded by some of the best speakers in the world. It is about being inspired and motivated as you inspire and motivate.

Membership in the NSA Las Vegas Chapter is an investment in you, and you are certainly worth that investment. Please join us in the NSA Las Vegas chapter. Dues supports the activities of the chapter for the entire season.

Join NSA Las Vegas TODAY!

 Professional Member: $297.00

 Professional Candidate: $397.00