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Nick Reed-Robbins


princes Risborough
HP27 9SE


9:00am to 6.00pm daily

Practitioner Training in 2017

4th to 10th November 2017

2nd to 8th December 2017

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By studying the performance psychology of NLP, you will be able to do the following: 
  • Discover your true potential and construct the future you really want!
    Remove blocks in the unconscious mind and     resolve inner conflicts
  • Understand yourself and others at a much deeper level.
  • Make personal breakthroughs towards your life goals and achieve your dreams more effortlessly. 
  • Start a financially and emotionally rewarding coaching career, earning between 80-250 per hour over the phone or in person.
  • Coach people as part of your existing career.
  • Become a powerful and inspirational leader and effective manager of people.
  • Share your new knowledge of performance psychology with others as part of a new or existing training career.
  • Implement revolutionary cultural change programmes using the principles of NLP performance psychology. 
  • Increase employee engagement by applying NLP performance psychology principles at work
  • Learn a fantastic set of successful attitudes.


Nick Reed-Robbins
Reed-Robbins Performance Solutions
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Early Booking Price:
1245 until 10th February 2018
Then only


NLP Practitioner Training Course
ABNLP Certified
10th to 16th March 2018 
Longwick, Bucks.

What Will I Learn?  

Day 1 and 2 

The first two days of the Practitioner course will give you an amazing insight to how powerful NLP can be. You will learn how the mind works, how to read people and influence them at a deep unconscious level and how to coach someone towards acheiving everything they want to be, do and have. You'll also learn how to remove the limiting beliefs that prevent us from having what we want. Its an enlightening and FUN weekend!

Days 3 and 4

You will learn most of the performance psychology of NLP which you can start using in your life, business, relationships, finances etc. You will have all the communication and influencing skills of NLP, along with the effortless goal achievement skills and emotional mastery! You'll have the first few tools of personal transformation under your belt so you can start using interventions with clients if you wish.

Days 5, 6 and 7

In the final 3 days of the programme, we will introduce you to the incredible coaching interventions that make NLP the most effective coaching methodology in the world. On completion of all 7 days of the practitioner training, you will receive your internationally recognised NLP Practitioner Qualification. You will be qualified to coach others in NLP and be eligible for membership to an association such as the ABNLP.

You will be ready to start coaching clients from the moment you finish the course or sooner if you so wish!

You will also be invited to FREE monthly NLP Practice evenings where you can meet other like-minded Practitioners and practice your skills in a fun environment. You will receive coaching from others each month and learn new skills from guest speakers. 


"I completed my NLP Practitioner programme with Nick in July 2017 and I have to say it was one of the best programmes I have ever done  - I went on to complete my Master Practitioner with Jess later that year on the back of it.

Nick was very engaging from the outset and made the environment comfortable to be honest and share your thoughts & say what you were thinking.

I can honestly say Nick is a lovely guy & true professional who really knows his subject and is happy to share his own experience, his personal use of NLP and the positive impact it has had on him (and continues to have) – his openness really promoted an environment of trust very quickly which was very important to all .Nick made the 7 day programme relaxed, informal, informative and fun making learning a totally fascinating subject a real pleasure. I learnt so much about myself and NLP techniques to really make a difference for myself and others.

I strongly recommend completing the Practitioner programme with Nick – he’s awesome!!!"

Michelle Bourne, L&D Business Performance Coach


"It was a real privilege to attend your NLP Practitioners course. The small intimate group, learning together in the most relaxing environment, was perfect for me. It opened my eyes to the ways in which NLP will benefit every part of my life. It has not only enhanced my quality of life but it has also had an impact on my family and friends around me. It was life changing and the beauty of it is that because of this course I continue to learn and grow every day. The insights and skills learned will support me for the rest of my life and I see it as one of my very best investments." 

Angela Davidson- business account manager


Master Practitioner Training (15 days) 

After the practitioner course, you will also be eligible to study for your level of NLP, should you wish to do so.  This starts in March 2017 and is taught by Jessica Reed-Robbins.

Read more about this course on our 2017 Master Practitioner  website

Provided we have spaces available on the course, you can re-attend all or part of the course, free of charge. 

Course Content:

Communication & Goal Achievment
Introduction to NLP and the Course
NLP Communication Model
Perceptual Filters
Principles of Success
Goal Achievement

Influencing & Mind Reading
Rapport Building for Influence
Sensory Acuity and Calibration
Jedi Mind Tricks
Reading people and influencing non-verbally
The coaching relationship

DAY 3:
Changing Behaviours
Structure of the brain - submodalities
Changing behaviours, habits and beliefs
Replacing Unwanted Beliefs and Behaviours
The SWISH pattern
LIKE to DISLIKE pattern
Representational Systems and Predicates

DAY 4:
Emotional Mastery
Reframing and Changing Perspectives
Perceptual Positions for relationships
Collapsing Anchors

DAY 5:
Conversational Hypnosis
Linguistic Mastery
Milton Model - hypnotic language
Metaphors for therapeutic intervention

DAY 6:
Transformative Techniques & Interventions
Parts Integration for resolving inner conflict
Time LIne Techniques Part 1:
Eliciting the Timeline
Putting a Goal in Timeline
Removing LImiting Decision from Timeline

DAY 7:
Breakthrough Techniques & Coaching
Releasing Negative Emotion from Timeline
Phobia Cure
NLP Coaching Practice