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Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:30 PM 
Monday, November 13, 2017 at 9:30 PM 

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Expedito Enlightenment Center 
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Carla Van Walsum PhDc     
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Carla Van Walsum PhDc     

Carla Van Walsum, PhDc

Shift The Hidden Patterns 
Hindering Your Success

A Constellation Workshop

Monday, November 13; 7:30 PM; $30

7:15 PM Workshop Registration; 7:30 PM Workshop Start

"Awaken to Your Happiest Life"
with Carla Van Walsum!

Gather insight; clear and shift on conscious and subconscious levels! Create new awareness. 
This class includes group exercises with readings
and constellations work.

We all have a story. We are all born into a family.
We are all part of a family soul; a kind of collective consciousness that contain collected data of the past generations of people, places and events.

This emotional DNA, so-called Epigenetics,
can have a tremendous effect on our lives as well as our children‘s lives. Through unconscious loyalty and love to our family system, we can unknowingly become identified with previous family members, often repeating their destructive patterns and manifesting similar afflictions & unresolved issues.

Hidden truths come to surface when family patterns emerge as:
• Depression
• Hidden loyalties and procrastination
• Physical or mental illness
• Troubled relationships
• Dysfunction
• Unexplained anxiety
• Addiction
• Adoption-issues
• Sudden illness or accident
• Mother-daughter/father-son issues

Now is the TIME to Develop and Create Clarity about: Love ~ Choices or Career ~ Release Hidden
Loyalties ~ Create Relationship Shifts ~ Have Insight or Release Chronic Pain ~ Addiction
~Anger or Anxiety ~

  About Carla Van Walsum, PhDc

Carla Van Walsum PhDc was trained in the Netherlands
in clinical psychology, holistic therapies, and family constellations.  She owns HeartBased Solutions LLC,
a thriving holistic practice for individuals, parents,
and families. 

Carla has helped many clients create quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical approaches and is an internationally recognized teacher in the areas of women empowerment, relationships, parenting and emotional healing.

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