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Dyslexia 101 for the Classroom Educator

A Professional Development Opportunity

For more than 65 years, The Reading Center has trained adults in the Orton-Gillingham method – an evidence based strategy to teach struggling readers the skills needed to succeed.  OG is multi-sensory, structured, sequential, and involves explicit teaching of language sounds to create phonemic awareness, accurate decoding and automaticity. These strategies are useful in teaching dyslexic students as well as others with insecure reading skills.

Dyslexia 101 is an online informational course designed to provide you with an increased understanding of dyslexia. It will address the following areas:

  • What dyslexia is, including both visual and auditory dyslexia
  • Misconceptions about dyslexia
  • What dyslexia may look like in the classroom
  • Effective reading instruction
  • Classroom accommodations & strategies

5 clock hours are available.

Registration fee is $50.