Thursday, 30 November 2017
5.45pm - 8.30pm

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Steve McGettigan at Sims IVF on 01 208 0710 or 086 2563 811


Sims IVF
Clonskeagh Road
Dublin 14

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Meet The Babymakers

On Thursday, 30 November 2017, meet the medical team who helped to make the TV3 documentary series, The Babymakers, happen. 

Dr. John Kennedy, Medical Director at Sims IVF and his team of experts invite you to a free information seminar all about Egg Donation.  This seminar is for couples who are trying for a baby and would like understand more about the Egg Donation option.

At this evening seminar, you will meet some of Ireland’s leading fertility specialists. They will provide insights into the two Egg Donation Programmes available through Sims IVF.   These Sims IVF Egg Donation Programmes are available in Ireland, with no need to travel abroad.

New legislation, to be introduced over the next 18 months, means that egg donors will be identifiable and not anonymous, in future. This means that any child/children resulting from a donor egg programme, who want to know more about their donor, may make enquiries, once they reach the age of 18.  

Sims IVF recently introduced Ireland's first Identifiable Egg Donation Programme, in addition to our established anonymous donor egg programmes, to provide a choice to couples.

At this seminar, you learn about:

  • When and for whom egg donation is the best option
  • The two egg donation programmes (identifiable and anonymous) offered by Sims IVF
  • How the actual egg donation process works
  • The team involved in egg donation including the doctors, egg donation co-ordinators and the laboratory staff

There are opportunities to speak privately with members of our team after the presentations.

Please reserve a place, so that we know that you are coming. Our Egg Donation Information Evenings are popular, so book early.

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