Saturday December 9, 2017
1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

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Risdon Middle School
6928 116th Ave SE
Newcastle, WA  98056

Past attendees say…

"This presentation was a true eye opener"

"greatly changed my perspective"

"amazed at how many things applied to my daughter"

"I learned so much - despite the reading I'd already done”



Austina De Bonte, President

Northwest Gifted Child Association

Half-Day Workshop

Enjoy two insightful workshops back-to-back:

  • What Parents & Educators Need to Know About Smart Kids, presented by Austina De Bonte, President
  • Teaching your Gifted Child Social-Emotional Resilience, presented by Tracy Moncrief, M.A., ABD PhD, M.Ed

What Parents and Educators Need to Know About Smart Kids

Many people are surprised to learn that their bright children’s unique “quirks” are actually well-studied social & emotional behavior patterns that appear across large populations of highly intelligent children. Whether it’s refusing to wear shirts with buttons or tags, overreacting to the slightest criticism, gravitating to play with older children, anxiety about trying something new, or preferring a book to a playdate, these and many other perplexing behaviors are common in this population. Learn the latest neuroscience and research about what’s normal, what to expect as they grow, and why genuine challenge is vitally important for kids’ social and emotional development, as well as developing their academic talents, from the preschool and elementary years through high school and beyond.

Topics include:

  • The IQ bell curve, asynchrony, family patterns, the inside scoop on testing
  • Twice exceptional (2e) including spotlights on stealth dyslexia, vision processing, and central auditory processing disorders
  • Emotional characteristics, including sensitivity, intensity, perfectionism
  • Over-excitabilities (OE)
  • Executive function delays
  • Social development timeline and common social challenges
  • Developing grit & growth mindset, underachievement
  • Equity for under-represented groups

Teaching Your Child Social-Emotional Resilience

Resilience is a big buzz word in schools now, and is a significant part of Trauma-sensitive supports which are becoming important for all schools to teach. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficult situations. Resilience is important for gifted kids who often are targets because of their abilities and sensitivities, or for some, because of their twice-exceptionality. Learn what things you can say to your child to help them bolster some resilience and confidence in social-emotional functioning, and practice via role-play.

The workshop format provides time to dig into deeper content and engage in guided discussion with other parents and educators. The goal of this workshop is to give you research-based perspectives and new tools for your toolbox, whether you are a parent or an educator.

$45 adult registration
($10 for a friend, colleague, spouse, or family member registering together)

Advance registration is strongly recommended. Space is limited.

Scholarships for financial need are available. Please ask:

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Austina Headshot Photo Austina De Bonte is the current President of the Northwest Gifted Child Association (, the Washington State support and advocacy organization for families with gifted children. Founded in 1963, NWGCA is the oldest gifted organization in Washington state. A dynamic and engaging presenter, Austina speaks regularly at conferences, as well as conducts parent education talks and professional development workshops for educators. She is a parent advocate who is passionate about speaking about the unique social and emotional development of highly capable (HiCap) or “gifted” children. Austina's signature style combines her experience as a parent and parent coach along with synthesized research and cutting edge neuroscience. Austina is a certified SENG Model Parent Group facilitator. Contact Austina at  Download Austina's resume

Tracy Moncrief has graduate degrees in Social Psychology and Education Policy, and is currently re-specializing as a School Psychologist. She currently works in special education at the Seattle School District, and occasionally moonlights as a tester for the Advanced Learning program. Tracy has been working in education for over 20 years to support advanced learners as a consultant, a lecturer, a presenter at conferences, and in K-12 public education. She has served on the Board of Directors for NWGCA for several years as a liaison and member of the task force for the State Gifted Advisory Committee. She has three children, all of whom tested gifted and have had a variety of experiences through K-12 including participation in Seattle’s Advanced Learning program, Homeschooling, an online K-12, and Running Start. She lives with her youngest son and their two crazy dogs in Seattle.