Rosie Molinary 
Rosie Molinary 


Friday, January 5, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM EST

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Summit Coffee Outpost 
120 Patterson Court Circle
Davidson, NC 28036

Driving Directions 

Are you ready to create your vision and define your intentions for 2018? 

Would you like to claim how you most want to feel so you can chose actions that support your desire? 

Would you like to build a foundation for the new year and the life you seek by gaining clarity, conviction and confidence in your vision?  

If starting 2018 with exuberant expectation and clear intention speaks to you, join me for visionSPARK where you'll capture your ideal year's vision. You'll imagine the possibilities, gather inspiration, and then chart your vision all while receiving thoughtful support.  

Ultimately, you will leave visionSPARK with clarity about your 2018 passions and priorities, an inspirational vision board to root you, a touchstone word to reinforce your commitment during the year, a gentle and personal call to action to guide you, and the motivation to manifest the life you imagine.  

$60 registration fee includes pre-workshop workbook, supplies, and refreshments.  

visionSPARK testimonials

The visionSPARK workshop changed my year!  I had more focus than I ever have.  My word for the year really guided me through some difficult times which in turn helped me to shape two new career opportunities.  Rosie was so easy to open up to and to work with, she makes the vision process easy and fun!  I hope to make this a part of my new year routine EVERY year!

Malone Lockaby

visionSPARK was just what I needed to really fine tune my vision for the year. I left with a clearer perspective than I came with. I have always had a vision board of sorts in my head but something about laying it out in a tangible way proved a more interesting and revealing process than I expected.  Rosie is awesome at asking the right questions to get you thinking about what you really want. I use my 'word for the year' daily in making decisions and in my approach to everything. 

Allison Andrews

I attended visionSpark with Rosie Molinary to kick off my birthday weekend in early January.  My goal in attending was to begin 2016 and my “38th” year with purpose and intention.  As a mother of two who works outside of the home, I find that often in trying to get through the day to day of our lives we lose sight of its purpose and live less intentionally and in that the things that drive us and truly make us happy become muddled.  I wanted 2016 to begin differently and to lay-out broadly what I wanted this year to bring me and what my purpose would be.  Rosie was amazing at helping me hone in on what that vision was and what word would encompass that vision.  It was inspiring and just what I needed to feel as if I was starting my year off with the purpose and intention I needed.  She helped me to see that every decision or calendar invite or favor that might come my way this year should be measured by how it would fit in with my vision for the year and my intent to “thrive” in every aspect of my life and in finding small ways each day to fulfill my purpose for myself and family. 

Jocelyn Negron-Rios 

Attending a visionSPARK workshop has become one of my favorite holiday traditions.  It's nice to have a special time to reflect on the previous year and to set intentions for the new year.  Rosie is gifted in asking questions that cause you to think more deeply and to see things more clearly.  I love the spirit of camaraderie and encouragement that always seems to occur among attendees.  Having a vision board to take home that reminds you of your hopes is a gift that lasts all year.

Mary Sherrill Ware

The visionSPARK workshop was truly genuine and powerful.  Rosie knows her authentic self and radiates her passion during the entire session. She is laser focused on her goals; and it’s infectious.  Sometimes that can be intimidating coming from the speaker because you think, “I can never be as pulled together". Yet, Rosie is humble, forthright and open to sharing her proven methods. The best part is she takes you through the very simple steps of empowering you to develop your own authentic voice and leads you down a proven path toward achieving your own clear goals. The workshop is concise and turn-key; you walk out empowered, and better yet, laser focused on your steps for the next twelve months. 

Holly Schoolmeester 

I attended Rosie's VisionSPARK workshop with the hopes of setting some clearer work goals for myself. Those hopes were met and far surpassed. Just by spending time with Rosie I felt smarter, more grounded, and more capable. One of her coolest gifts is the ability to listen to women and extract the truth about what they are feeling. I think this has something to do with her amazing insight and incredible vocabulary… Rosie is like a modern day shaman and midwife; she sees your best potential and then helps you deliver it to the world.

Michelle Icard, Author and Founder of

 Rosie’s welcoming presence, her insistence that we all deserved to and could live up to our full potential, and the support of the other participants, were the encouragement I needed to start moving forward again… Rosie shows you how to open your mind and heart to the possibilities of your own life. In a few short hours, we learned how to identify, then neutralize, the fear and negativity that stood between us and our desires…Thanks to VisionSPARK, I’ve been more creative, more willing to step out of my comfort zone, and kinder to myself in general. Signing up for one of Rosie’s workshops is one of the best gifts you can give yourself!

 Lisa Rubenson 

Having the opportunity to spend some time intentionally setting my focus for the new year through this workshop was a gift. Not only was the actual workshop time valuable, but the prep time also made me realize that Rosie's mantra of organizing your thoughts around who you want to 'be' (instead of what you will do) will truly ground you in your specific purpose going forward. Having Rosie as our 'Vision Guidess' was ideal- she has an intuitive way of knowing exactly how to help you zero in and boil down your thoughts and ideas into that one main important point on which you will focus. I would highly recommend this workshop!

Donna Scott