Tuesday, November 28, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST
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World Wildlife Fund 
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Rebecca Goodman 
Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group 
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It’s all in our heads: Protecting biodiversity with behavior-centered design

Ever notice that almost all environment and sustainability challenges – from climate change to overfishing to biodiversity loss – share one thing in common? In order to solve them, people have to start behaving differently. But people are complicated social and emotional animals, and in our quest to solve big, hairy environmental challenges, we often oversimplify the most important part: people. This is true of biodiversity loss as much as any other challenge in the Anthropocene. In spite of all the compelling reasons to protect biodiversity for our own well-being, we are still facing the “sixth extinction.” In this discussion, Kevin Green of Rare will talk about why the same strange features of our uniquely human psychology that have gotten us into this mess are the key to getting us out.

Rare's Center for Behavior & the Environment is bringing the best insights from behavioral science and design to tackle some of the most challenging environmental issues around the world. Through partnerships with leading academic and research institutions, the Center is translating the science of human behavior into practical solutions for conservationists worldwide. Come hear more about how to contribute, learn and get involved.

Speaker Bio  

Kevin Green, Senior Director, Center for Behavior & the Environment

As lead of Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment, Kevin works closely with Rare’s leadership, staff and partners to integrate state-of-the-art science about human motivation and decision-making into the execution of conservation programs worldwide. He has trained practitioners across the U.S., Latin America and Asia in qualitative and quantitative social research methods and behavior-centered design of conservation campaigns whose success hinges on communities adopting new, sustainable norms and behaviors.

Kevin is a faculty member of the Kinship Conservation Fellows program and a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program. Prior to joining Rare, he held fellowships with the Nature Conservancy and Worldwatch Institute, and taught at a small university in rural Cambodia. He holds an M.A. in Economics and International Development from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology from Washington and Lee University.