Friday, December 1, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM CST
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Southern University A&M College 
Baton Rouge, LA 70813  




Professor Moustapha Diack
Director, Online Learning and Faculty Development - Southern University A&M College
SU System Assistant VP for Online Services
Southern University System

   The workshop facilitator, Professor Diack, is a Quality Matters (QM- Maryland Online) Independent trainer and QM Coordinator for the State of Louisiana. He is member of the Quality Matters International Strategic Committee. Diack is an eLearning  Expert with extensive experience in the areas of research & Development in online learning design and delivery and the Systemic implementation of online programs and virtual universities. He is recipent of the International MERLOT Innovation Award 2009. He is member of the LA Board of Regents Task Force On Electronic Learning and the MERLOT professional development Editorial Board.


Chrisena Williams-Brown, MBA/TM
Coordinator of LMS/Web Services
Division of Information Technology
Southern University and A&M College
Room 223 J. B. Moore Hall
P O Box 12891 Baton Rouge, LA 70813


Nurturing a Culture of Quality Assurance)

The Southern University System (SUS) launches on September 22, 2017, a System-wide council for online education dubbed Council of Online Learning Practitioners.

Please visit the SUS-COLP: http://suscolp.org/




Friday, December 1, 2017
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

J. B. Cade Library Training Center
Room 224


WELCOME: Dr. Luria Young
Interim Executive Vice-President for
Academic Affairs & Provost 



This is a 1/2 day workshop targeting faculty who have completed the QM certification and wanted a refresher course on the QM Rubric and Process. We will review the QM Rubric and its application for designing and reviewing a course for quality assurance. Participants will review online courses and use the QM review engine to improve their own online courses.

By fully completing this workshop, QM certified faculty will be able to:

1. critically discuss the QM Rubric with particular focus on the Essential Standards

2. review online courses for quality assurance.

3. use the QM peer review engine to evaluate an online course.

4. apply specific standards to the design of a Moodle course.


Suggested References:

1. Using QM to Self-Review your own course (You are required to view this video)

Use QM Review Tools — Want to see if you are meeting learner expectations? Start by using the Self-Review tool found in the Course Review Management System in MyQM. There you will also find the Reference Library with Course Review Resources and a video tutorial for the Self Review tool. Here is a video tutorials that explains the process and gives more insights.

2. The Online Faculty

Should Online Instructors Be Online Students?

Two-thirds of faculty members responding to an annual Inside Higher Ed survey say they’ve never taken an online course. Do they need that experience to be capable online instructors?

3. COLP Emerging Practices

These COLP best practices attempt to align Moodle courses to the QM standards. These practices are for adoption in a template model course.

4. Best Practices Teaching Online

The link above presents research-based best practices in online learning design and delivery to enhance online students learning outcomes.



Bloom's Taxonomy Action Verbs
A list of Bloom’s taxonomy action verbs
Bloom’s Taxonomy Guide to Writing Questions
Provides question stems related to each level
Verbs from Bloom's Taxonomy
A list of action verbs for the old and new versions of Bloom’s taxonomy



QM Webinar Serries
These Webinars address the different standards in a course context. You are strongly encourage to view the sessions.

Ensuring Quality in Online Course: Introducing Quality Matters

Quality Online Course Design (QM1): Getting Students Started

Quality Online Course Design (QM2): Learning Objectives

Quality Online Course Design: Course Content & Instructional Material

Quality Online Course Design: Course Activities & Students Engagements

Quality Online Course Design (QM6): Promoting Learning with Technology

Online Course Delivery: Best Practices for Delivering a Course Online

Online Course Delivery: Managing the Online Teaching Workload


Dear Workshop Participants, the Office of Online Services is striving to provide you with the best support for online course and programs Quality Assurance. We are currently developing tailored resources for the SU System instititution. While we perfect the versioning of resources shared below, we ask that you do not share externally. The resources below are exclusively open to this cohort, and this cohort only. Please use your discretion.





3. Resource 3: QM APPQMR Training Courses

This  links to the QM courses reviewed during the QM certification. Depending on the Login credential used, you can access either the original course or the course after it has been reviewed by the QM peer reviewers. If you have completed the APPQMR you MUST already have the common Username and password to gain access to the course.


4. Resource 4: COURSE TEMPLATE

 The Demo course is now available to you. I suggest you register to the Demo course (SMED 720) as a students. This will help you make better use of the Ejigiri Template. Here is what you need to self enroll in the Demo course.

  • Go To: 
  • Login using the SUBR Moodle Test Site (We created course shells for you. Get with Chrisena Williams for info.
  • After Login, you can enroll to the Demo course using the following enrollment key: